Santa’s Workshop gives Fort Madison youth a chance to give from the heart

Santa visits with Micah Welton, 6 (left) and Alexander Welton, 4 of St. Louis at Saturday's Santa's Workshop in Fort Madison.


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FORT MADISON – Fort Madison’s annual Santa’ workshop was running at full-holiday steam Saturday at the First Christian Church and youth and parents from all over the region visited with Santa and picked up gifts from the heart for those special someone’s in their lives.

A very well-organized event had helper elves take the children into a special shopping area and escorted them through three ailes of tables almost 20 feet long filled with special gifts to choose from. The children shopped with a basket and then took the items up to a group of adult wrapping elves who put care and special touches on each gift and called them out by number after the children ‘checked out’. For only $5 children were allowed to pick out up to 6 items to be wrapped and labeled by the elves in back.

Each child brought a list of names and ages for whom they were shopping for and the helpers helped them get to the right tables for the right gifts. In order to keep the holiday “secret” the adults were not allowed to accompany the children in the workshop.

Elf Kathy Skewes was helping wrap packages in the back and said turnout had been phenomenal.

It’s been so good that we’re starting to get worried about having enough gifts for everyone,” she said.

The event continues on Dec. 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Upstairs the volunteers served food and children had a chance to sit on Santa’s lap for a quick hint as to what children were hoping to see under the tree Christmas morning.

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