Fort Madison theater sold

A look inside the old Fox Theater in downtown Fort Madison shows it's moving time. Larry and Trudy Wright have owned the facility for close to a decade. Larry Wright confirmed today the property had sold.








FORT MADISON – A run past the old Fox Theater in Fort Madison shows plenty of activity and a “sold” sign in the window.

On Thursday evening, Larry Wright, who has owned the theater with his wife, Trudy, for the past decade, confirmed that the theater had been sold and indicated the theater could be back up and running soon.

“We’re very excited about this sale and excited for the community,” Wright said amidst boxes and bins of memorabilia in the lobby. “We’ve done a lot of the leg work here to get the theater ready to go and we’re happy to see this.”

Wright wouldn’t confirm who the property had been sold to but said negotiations have been going on for the past couple months.

“We have had conversations with many people about this theater, some were owners of other theaters,” he said. “But this last time they offered, we counter offered and things went back and forth a while and now we’ve sold.”

Wright said his wife and family have been doing a lot of the work on rehabilitating the building. He said he they hadn’t done a whole lot with the west theater.”

“I think they’re looking at bringing in digital equipment and getting ready to get up and running.” Wright said. He said he couldn’t really speak to any timelines on when the theater may reopen.

Fraise Real Estate and Auction were the brokers on the property and a spokesperson there said the company couldn’t release the name of the buyer.

Larry Wright, former owner of the Fox Theater in Fort Madison stands in the lobby of the old theater which he confirmed was sold this week.




3 thoughts on “Fort Madison theater sold

    1. I believe it was bought by Mark Hughes former MMA fighter. It will be managed by Jeff Eisentrauts family. His family manages Mark Hughes theaters in Illinois. Jeff Eisentrauts son in law and daughter will manage the Fox and The Keokuk theater also in the area.

      1. We did hear rumors of who bought the facility but are waiting for contact to verify. That process is important as it lends credibility to the piece and helps establish relationships.
        Thanks for the comment.

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