Hound wrestlers go 1-3 at Lancer Duals

Ryan Steffensmeier, 133 lbs, tries to find a way out of a clinch Wednesday at home vs. Washington. The Hounds won 1-3 dual matches Saturday in North Scott.





Updated with correction on wrestler in featured image. That is Ryan Steffensmeier and not Elton Kruse as was originally written in the cutline. The Current regrets the error and admits the editor is a goofball.



NORTH SCOTT – FM junior standout wrestler Harlan Steffensmeier, currently ranked No. 3 in Class 3A at 138 lbs. won all four of his matches at today’s Lancer Duals in North Scott.

Fort Madison won 1 of 3 duals on the day but came up just short of splitting the duals when the Hounds dropped a 42-40 match with Central Dewitt. Head Coach Ryan Smith, who’s been yelling from the corner seats for just at 20 years, said the four duals in one day presents his kids with a chance to get a lot of action and see a lot of talent.

“That’s the only time we do this format each year..up there in North Scott,” Smith said. “But we’ve been doing this for 20 years, ever since I’ve been here. It’s not as common of a format, but it gives the kids more matches rather than a two-and-done.”

Complete boxes on all the duals are below.

Ryan, Harlan and Aaron Steffensmeier all recorded wins in action against DeWitt. Ryan, 113 lbs., recorded a 13-1 major decision over Central DeWitt’s Jeff Fuller. Harlan had a quick :38 fall over Eric Schoel and Aaron, 145 lbs., followed that with a pin of his own over Theodore Fox at the 2:29 mark.

The Hounds then rebounded with a 2-point win over Davenport West with Ryan, Harlan and Aaron Steffensmeier all recording pins over their opponents. Ryan, 113 lbs., recorded his fall in :41 seconds, Harlan, 138 lbs., at the 1:59 mark and Aaron put his opponent to the mat at 1:59. Dalton Woolever, 132 lbs., recorded a pin with just one second remaining in the match. Diego Lozano, 182 lbs., recorded a quick pin at :43 seconds for the Hounds.

Smith credited junior Heath Hoenig with helping preserve that win.

“Kind of the unsung in the Davenport match was Heath Hoenig our heavyweight. Heath had to stay off his back to preserve that win and even though he didn’t win he fought his heart out and helped seal that victory for us,” Wilson said.

Against 10th rated Dubuque Hempstead, the Hounds recorded three wins when Harlan Steffensmeier, 138 lbs., recorded a major decision over No. 5 ranked Nathan Feldman, 9-2. Aaron Steffensmeier, 145 lbs., pinned Jack Gehl at 3:41 and Lozano got a 6-1 decision over Steven Blosch at 182 lbs.

North Scott, ranked 8th in Class 3A tourney rankings, only gave up one win to the Hounds when Harlan Steffensmeier recorded a 6-3 decision over Collin Lewis the 9th ranked in Class 3A at 138 lbs.

Smith said Steffensmeier keeps improving and won against two tough opponents.

“He keeps racking them up. He beat both of those ranked wrestlers and then pinned the other two guys so he’s continuing to roll,” he said. “As a team it was a learning experience. North Scott and Dubuque Hempstead are both top ten teams and both are good eye openers for our guys kind of like Thursday (against Washington). When you go head to head with those teams you get a chance to see that other level and what we can get to.”

The Hounds travel to Fairfield on Thursday for a 6:30 p.m. event.


FM 40 vs. Central Dewitt 42

106: Elton Kruse (FOMA) over (CCLN) (For.) 113: Ryan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Jeff Fuller (CCLN) (MD 13-1) 120: Tyler Bossom (CCLN) over Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Fall 0:22) 126: Isaac Payne (CCLN) over Skylar Schau (FOMA) (Fall 1:34) 132: Dalton Woolever (FOMA) over (CCLN) (For.) 138: Harlan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Eric Schoel (CCLN) (Fall 0:38) 145: Aaron Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Theodore Fox (CCLN) (Fall 2:29) 152: Max Cousins (CCLN) over (FOMA) (For.) 160: Kyle Irwin (CCLN) over (FOMA) (For.) 170: Jarrett Settles (FOMA) over (CCLN) (For.) 182: Drew Durant (CCLN) over Diego Lozano (FOMA) (Fall 3:05) 195: Reece Westphal (CCLN) over Danen Settles (FOMA) (Fall 0:28) 220: Nick Smith (CCLN) over Alex Lauber (FOMA) (Fall 1:30) 285: Heath Hoenig (FOMA) over (CCLN) (For.)

 FM 39 vs. Davenport West 37
106: Elton Kruse (FOMA) over (DVPW) (For.) 113: Ryan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Jake Hutcheson (DVPW) (Fall 0:41) 120: Anthony Vance (DVPW) over Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Fall 0:49) 126: Wyatte Shade (DVPW) over Skylar Schau (FOMA) (Fall 3:35) 132: Dalton Woolever (FOMA) over Benny Lingle (DVPW) (Fall 5:59) 138: Harlan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Michael Mayfield (DVPW) (Fall 1:59) 145: Aaron Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Wesley Eisenbacher (DVPW) (Fall 3:08) 152: Zahyshawn Baker (DVPW) over (FOMA) (For.) 160: Adam Letts (DVPW) over Jarrett Settles (FOMA) (Fall 0:30) 170: Anthony Stock (DVPW) over (FOMA) (For.) 182: Diego Lozano (FOMA) over Clayton Broderson (DVPW) (Fall 0:43) 195: Danen Settles (FOMA) over Colton Busch (DVPW) (Dec 7-4) 220: Garrett Brooks (DVPW) over Alex Lauber (FOMA) (MD 11-0) 285: Jacen Peterson (DVPW) over Heath Hoenig (FOMA) (Dec 5-0)

FM 12 vs Dubuque Hempstead 55

220: Dylan Olson (DUHE) over Alex Lauber (FOMA) (Fall 1:52) 285: Jack Roussel (DUHE) over Heath Hoenig (FOMA) (Fall 1:16) 106: Dillon Gottschalk (DUHE) over Elton Kruse (FOMA) (Fall 2:25) 113: Hunter Foht (DUHE) over Ryan Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Dec 12-7) 120: Joe Pins (DUHE) over Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Fall 1:32) 126: Mason Henning (DUHE) over Skylar Schau (FOMA) (MD 8-0) 132: Jacob Faber (DUHE) over Dalton Woolever (FOMA) (Dec 2-0) 138: Harlan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Nathan Feldman (DUHE) (Dec 9-2) 145: Aaron Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Jack Gehl (DUHE) (Fall 3:41) 152: Alex Ward (DUHE) over (FOMA) (For.) 160: Kent Kragenbrink (DUHE) over Jarrett Settles (FOMA) (Fall 0:36) 170: Jackson Rigdon (DUHE) over (FOMA) (For.) 182: Diego Lozano (FOMA) over Steven Blosch (DUHE) (Dec 6-1) 195: Owen Dunne (DUHE) over Danen Settles (FOMA) (Dec 5-2)

FM 3 vs North Scott 74

285: Cole Ernst (NOSC) over Heath Hoenig (FOMA) (Dec 2-0) 106: Cael Bredar (NOSC) over Elton Kruse (FOMA) (Fall 1:54) 113: Jacob Schipper (NOSC) over Ryan Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Fall 1:47) 120: Riley Thomas (NOSC) over Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Fall 0:24) 126: Caleb McCabe (NOSC) over Skylar Schau (FOMA) (Fall 0:59) 132: Brian Hilsenbeck (NOSC) over Dalton Woolever (FOMA) (Fall 2:57) 138: Harlan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Collin Lewis (NOSC) (Dec 6-3) 145: Jake Matthaidess (NOSC) over Aaron Steffensmeier (FOMA) (TF 15-0 4:31) 152: Drake Golinghorst (NOSC) over (FOMA) (For.) 160: Avion Lard (NOSC) over Jarrett Settles (FOMA) (Fall 0:20) 170: Jonathan Wolbert (NOSC) over (FOMA) (For.) 182: Triston Richardson (NOSC) over Diego Lozano (FOMA) (Fall 1:23) 195: Zach Petersen (NOSC) over Danen Settles (FOMA) (Fall 0:39) 220: Wyatt Wriedt (NOSC) over Alex Lauber (FOMA) (Fall 1:28)

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