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The Budding Artist Exhibition is to many FMAAA faithful, their favorite annual of the year.

Something to be said about the intrinsic abandon of young art students. No worries, no teen angst, no distraught on how the work is perceived……just adventuring fearlessly into the lesson plan of the art educator.

The Fort Madison Area Arts Association feature gallery is hung from ceiling to floor and is always massively impressive…..just sayin’, over 475 pieces of work from Central Lee, Holy Trinity, Richardson, Lincoln, and Ft. Madison Middle School for this K-8 art stunner. The quality of the work overall may make this one the best yet! Seither & Cherry Company is the sponsor for the exhibition and a reception will occur on Jan. 21st from 2 – 4 p.m. for the artists and families. Enjoy reception treats from Hy-Vee with your family members while touring this collective entourage of kid’s artistic excellence.

The next FMAAA Kid’s Early Out Art class occurs January 25th with guest artist Anita Lee from 2:30-4:30. That means painting in a strong FASHION….call 372-3996 to register your budding artist on this special feature of the year!

The art works are arranged by grade level. Viewers will gaze upon Folk Art, Mixed Media, Piano Collages, and Native American-themed kindergarten and first-grade lessons. Second grade lends way to Scarecrow Collages, Haring Dancers, and Dancing Giraffes, sure to give you a chuckle.

Third grade has many participants across the board with Optical Art, Seascape Collages, Streaming Watercolors, and Watercolor Weaves.

Fourth grade rounds the corner with Turkey Baskets, Notes of Design, Ice Floating Penquins, Klee Paintings, and Modigliani Portraits.

Fifth grade emerges with Yarn Tapestry, Abstract Landscapes, Iowa Barns, Reflection Prints, and Landscapes in Perspective.

Sixth grade artists showcase Seed Bracelets, Hokusai Waves, Watercolor Printmaking, Lichtenstein Self-portraits, Tribal Masks in 2-D and 3-D, and Ribbon Self-portraits. These portraits utilize ribbon from an old cassette tapes to form a graphic portrait of the artist!

Seventh grade artisans flex visual muscle with Trick Photography, Graphic Design Elements, and Zentangle Flowers. Eighth grade elders finish it off with Monumental Perspective, Photographic Scratch Art, and Kinetic Paintings. The Kinetic Paintings offer three different paintings to see, depending on what angle you view the works!

This show is special due to the educators involved. Thanks always to such a talented crew of regional art educators: Mrs. Kaity Price, Mrs. Diane Mitchell, and Mrs. Amy Hellige for Ft. Madison public schools; Mrs. Ann Canida and Mrs. Jaime Jones for Central Lee; and Mrs. Lois de Prima and Mr. Steve Rung at Holy Trinity for coming under the umbrella of FMAAA to kick of the New Year with resolution!

The type of resolution that will be successfully carried through, as these creatives pick their path. This exhibition annually amazes the viewer to the quality of young artists in our immediate area. Always the mutterings of …you never know when this area will produce the next…… Parents will want to bring cameras for gallery shots with your budding artist, as we can pull works wherever located in the exhibit to garner you that special shot or have your budding artist pose with hand-carved carousel horse. Experience unique from Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm at 825 Avenue G.

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