FM wrestlers miss sweep by one point

FMHS' Sam Hayes gets a pin in action last week in Fort Madison. Hayes went 3-0 in the three-team dual in Kirksville Tuesday night. The Hounds won 2 of 3 duals at the meet.








KIRKSVILLE, Mo. – The Fort Madison Bloodhound varsity wrestling team missed a clean sweep of a three-team dual meet Tuesday night in Kirksville, and you could hear it in head coach Ryan Smith’s voice.

Fort Madison easily handled Kirksville and Macon across the border winning 50-27 over Kirksville and 57-17 over Macon, but lost in the final match to Centerville by one point in a win.

“I guess I’m a little disappointed, we just didn’t do enough top to bottom.” Smith said. “There were lots of times we coasted where we got a major decision and we could have had a tech. fall, that kind of thing.”

“We left too many points on the board and we knew it was going to be a tough dual. We just didn’t put forth the effort.”

Centerville was up 36-10 with five matches left on the board and the Hounds went to work. Danen Settles won in a forfeit, then Sam Hayes who is wrestling in only his second meet after sitting for four weeks with an injury got a pin over Payton Russell at 220 for six points. Junior Heath Hoenig then scored a pin over Trenton Bogle at 5:15 at the 285 lb. match and Elton Kruse scored a 9-0 major decision at 106 to set the stage for the final match with the Hounds down 32-36.

Ryan Steffensmeier went up against Lee Genobana at 113 and scored a major decision 14-9, but that only awards 3 points to the team and the Hounds fell by just one.

“Hopefully this will be a good learning experience for us,” Smith said as the Hounds wind down the season and start prepping for districts.

They have the Southern Classic on Saturday and that’s the team’s last tourney. They also have a dual meet in Burlington a week from Thursday.

“I thought Sam Hayes did a good job with a solid opponent in that first match. He’s coming back from that injury and he looked pretty good. And Hoenig did a good job of getting in a pin there at the end. Those two were critical in keeping us close. I just wish we could have gotten some more effort like that.”

Highlighting the action for the Hounds, 3rd ranked junior Harlan Steffensmeier, at 138 lbs., led the way for the Hounds with three wins including a pin, a technical fall and a major decision for a total of 15 points for the Hounds.

Ryan Steffensmeier won two of his three matches on the mat at 113 with the Centerville win and :50 pin of Aidan Sizemore of Kirksville. He won in the Macon match by forfeit.

Hayes won two of this three matches on the mat with a pin over Centerville’s Peyton Russell at 1:22 in a 220 lb. match and a 6-0 decision over Shane Levett of Macon at 195 lbs.

Complete box scores of the match are listed below.

Centerville 36, FM 35

120: Gage Moorman (CENT) over Quinton Ross (FOMA) (Fall 3:50) 126: Ethan Wagner (CENT) over Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Fall 2:57) 132: Kayden Kauzlarich (CENT) over Aaron Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Dec 11-6) 138: Harlan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Tiger Terpstra (CENT) (MD 8-0) 145: Dalton Woolever (FOMA) over Nolan Bogle (CENT) (Fall 2:53) 152: Tayton Bartholomew (CENT) over (FOMA) (For.) 160: Stephen Wardlow (CENT) over (FOMA) (For.) 170: Kameron Flick (CENT) over (FOMA) (For.) 182: Kade Warren (CENT) over Diego Lozano (FOMA) (Dec 6-3) 195: Danen Settles (FOMA) over (CENT) (For.) 220: Sam Hayes (FOMA) over Peyton Russell (CENT) (Fall 1:22) 285: Heath Hoenig (FOMA) over Trenten Bogle (CENT) (Fall 5:17) 106: Elton Kruse (FOMA) over Chris Bowen (CENT) (MD 9-0) 113: Ryan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Lee Genobana (CENT) (Dec 14-9)

FM 50, Kirksville 27

113: Ryan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Aidan Sizemore (KIRKSVIL) (Fall 0:50) 120: Quinton Ross (FOMA) over (KIRKSVIL) (For.) 126: Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Jack Snyder (KIRKSVIL) (Fall 0:55) 132: Aaron Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Blake Howard (KIRKSVIL) (Fall 4:39) 138: Harlan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Allen George (KIRKSVIL) (TF 16-1 2:55) 145: Tyler Davis (KIRKSVIL) over Dalton Woolever (FOMA) (TF 17-1 6:00) 152: Tanner Sparks (KIRKSVIL) over (FOMA) (For.) 160: Thailer Jones (KIRKSVIL) over Jarrett Settles (FOMA) (Fall 0:47) 170: Reed Athon (KIRKSVIL) over (FOMA) (For.) 182: Diego Lozano (FOMA) over Vin Kriegshauser (KIRKSVIL) (Dec 6-3) 195: Sam Hayes (FOMA) over (KIRKSVIL) (For.) 220: Danen Settles (FOMA) over (KIRKSVIL) (For.) 285: Heath Hoenig (FOMA) over (KIRKSVIL) (For.) 106: Donovan Gaines (KIRKSVIL) over Elton Kruse (FOMA) (MD 13-0)

FM 57, Macon 17

106: Elton Kruse (FOMA) over (MACON) (For.) 113: Ryan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over (MACON) (For.) 120: Mary Belle Harrell (MACON) over Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) (TF 18-2 5:00) 126: Quinton Ross (FOMA) over (MACON) (For.) 132: Aaron Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Dantae Magruder (MACON) (Fall 1:00) 138: Dalton Woolever (FOMA) over Brennan Moots (MACON) (Fall 1:37) 145: Harlan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Brady Moots (MACON) (Fall 2:12) 152: Double Forfeit 160: Jarrett Settles (FOMA) over (MACON) (For.) 170: Jeb Schaefer (MACON) over (FOMA) (For.) 182: Diego Lozano (FOMA) over Tucker Gresham (MACON) (Fall 0:33) 195: Sam Hayes (FOMA) over Shane Levett (MACON) (Dec 6-0) 220: Danen Settles (FOMA) over (MACON) (For.) 285: Jeffery Smoot (MACON) over Heath Hoenig (FOMA) (Fall 2:22)

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