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FORT MADISON –    The Old Fort Players are proud to announce the cast of their upcoming February production.  The cast started rehearsals a few weeks ago and are settling into their respective roles very nicely.  “If The Good Lord’s Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise” is a two act comedy written by renowned playwright Pat Cook.

Doc who is a retired judge and lives in a large home on the edge of town is quite a character.  He has several rather strange people living with him.  Doc is portrayed by OFP veteran Jim Cole.  He surrounds himself with a lot of strange people which makes his daughter think she should step in a take control of him and his fortune.  Her intention is to have him declared a danger to himself and society.  The fact that he flies around in a hot air balloon and goes fishing in a dry creek bed has no bearing on her decision.  She wants to sell the estate!  Enter a young psychologist played by Stevie Bethurem who is sent to evaluate Doc.  That proves to be a difficult assignment.  Steve Renfro is an artist and teacher who comes and goes in the home.  Maxine McAllister a regular in the home is played by Shelley Dowling.  A wannabe Shakespearean actress, Doreen Furst is played by Xandra Abel.  Her wannabe suitor Leo Jenkins is played by Carter Kennery.  Doc’s daughter, Charlotte Dinsel is played by Richar Abel.  Every good story has to have a shyster lawyer and this play has Gerald Firestone played by Matt Abel.  The last character in this production is Elizabeth Clairbourne who is portrayed by Karen Schumaker who is a good friend of Doc.

On the day of the hearing Doc shows up dressed as a magician and his daughter starts gloating over her apparent win.  However doc has a trick or two up his sleeve and shouldn’t be counted out.  The action on stage is directed by OFP’s Carol Parson.  The play will be presented on Feb 17 thru 19th and again on Feb 24 & 25, 2017.  All times are 7:30 PM except for the 19th is 2 PM.  Cost of admission is $12 for adults and $8 for students 17 and under.  Tickets will be available at the door and by calling 372-9559.  The production is being sponsored by Scotts Miracle Gro and is presented by permission of Eldridge Publishing, Lancaster, PA.  Any one desiring more information may call 372-9559 or send us a message at oldfortplayers@hotmail.com.  We can also be found on face book under Old Fort Players.

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