Kearns and Taylor to hold listening post at 2 p.m. today

From Representative Jerry Kearns and Senator Rich Taylor

We will hold a listening post in the Central Lee High School cafeteria on Saturday, Feb. 11, at 2 pm.

Teachers and other public employees and public employers, as well as anyone who might be interested, are invited to attend. Please share this message with anyone who may want to be there.

We will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and review what’s happening at the Statehouse on HSB84 and SF 213. These are identical Republican sponsored bills that are being fast-tracked through the Iowa House and Senate. Other legislators have been invited to attend.

These bills could, and in our opinion – will drive down wages, cut health care, eliminate services and degrade the quality of life we’re working so hard to improve. They are scheduled to go into effect as soon as they are signed into law by the Governor.

Thanks to Central Lee Superintendent Crozier, for coordinating this forum in order that citizens may learn about this far reaching legislation.

We’re looking forward to meeting everyone Saturday.

Attack on Iowa Workers
2 PM on Saturday, Feb. 11
Central Lee High School Cafeteria
Donnellson, Iowa

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