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FORT MADISON – Hey, we’ve been doing ALL the writing so far. What about you?

The Pen City Current wants to publish your creative writings on our news outlet website and our daily pdf version. We’re billing this news outlet as a hyper-local, super fresh collaborative news product and we can’t really stand behind that unless we invite you inside.

So if poetry is your thing or fiction or even non-fiction we would like to take a look at it and let our readership enjoy it as well.

If you have longer literary efforts send us a break down or a query that you may have used seeking publication elsewhere.

We have to limit the size to 1,000 words and that’s not for space constrictions because in theory we don’t have those. However, our staff will have to read through them and we are running all over the place on a daily basis and time is precious.

There is no charge for this. All we ask is that submissions have no profanity or sexual content because we do have young readers, which is a great thing, but one that we must be mindful of as we go forward.

We would also love to publish your photography. Again there is no charge for any of this. Just send your submissions to us with a phone number so we can verify the authenticity.

Obviously all submissions will have to meet with approval of our editor, but he’s a sucker for a good read and pretty naive, so the odds are pretty good if it’s clean it’ll go. Oh yeah… clean. Make sure you edit it fully and carefully as typos are on you. All submissions, when approved, will run as is.

Please label your work with the genre…poetry, fiction, children’s story, etc. so we can properly label it for publication.

We are very much looking forward to this new segment and welcome everyone to use this vehicle. Teachers at all levels are welcome to use this as well with publishing assignments, etc. And if there’s anything we can do to help foster literary and journalistic efforts in our local schools WE ARE IN!

Submit your work for consideration by email to Chuck Vandenberg, PCC Editor,



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