No details yet concerning body found in Wever



LEE COUNTY – Information is still being held very close to the vest by state officials looking into the death of a Fairfield man found on the morning of Feb. 12 by Skunk River.

Special Agent Joe Lestina of the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations, said today that no additional information is being released at this time because the case is still ongoing.

Lestina did say, however, that he does not feel that there is any risk to the public in general as a result of the incident.

The body, discovered at Indian Path Park off Highway 61 at around 11 a.m. on the 12th, was identified to the Pen City Current by the man’s sister, Gina Ollom of Fairfield, as James Merlin Nelson, 47, formerly of Fairfield.

According to Ollom, Nelson had been working construction at the Iowa Fertilizer Company in Wever, but she was unaware of his occupation at the time of his death.

An autopsy has been ordered, but no information or results have been released to anyone, according to Lestina.



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