City has had eight reported burglaries in eight days



FORT MADISON – In a span of eight days, the Fort Madison Police Department has responded to eight reports of a burglary.

Police Chief Tim Sittig said Monday most of the burglaries being committed are vehicular in nature and usually from unlocked cars.

Sittig said he hasn’t seen a trend or pattern in the burglaries and they don’t seem to be happening in the same area of the city. However, three of the burglaries were in the 2600, 2700 and 2800 blocks of Avenues L, M and H, and one was in the 1700 block of Avenue H. Another was in the 1600 block of 20th Street, one was in the 1100 block of 48th Street, one was in the 700 block of 22nd Street. The last was a burglary reported in the 2800 block of Avenue H on Friday.

“Well, it’s a couple of things but mostly the weather is really nice right now and people are out later,” Sittig said. “But it seems like when we put someone in jail for it, it stops for a while. What we’re seeing now are vehicle burglaries and they are targets of opportunity because the vehicles are unlocked. People need to keep their valuables secured and out of their cars. I can’t rule out one or two homes, but these have mostly been vehicles.”

He said officers are out trying to follow up and establish identities as much as possible, but he said it will probably come down to a rift.

“Typically someone will get mad at someone else and talk and we’ll be able to get somewhere.”

He also said with burglaries when they make an arrest, they usually can link that suspect to two or three others.

“It could be possibly as many as a dozen, but it gets hard to pin all those down,” Sittig said. “When the night guys are out they try to follow up and identify as much as they can.”




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