Dollhouse Dreams moving due to storm damage

This roof damage was part of the destruction that took place Monday night on the building that houses Dollhouse Dreams. The business is moving store front to the west until repairs can be made. PCC photo by Chuck Vandenberg.


FORT MADISON – The storm that blew through the area Monday continues to hamper downtown Fort Madison.

Dollhouse Dreams owner Brenda Derr said she thought she might be able to keep the ice cream parlor open during the renovations, but has indicated today that that will not be possible and the parlor will be closed until further notice.

Derr will be moving her merchandising part to 824 Avenue G, the storefront just west of her current building. She said due to contamination from the upper roof settling through the water and into the building, the entire ceiling will have to be replaced and that’s prohibitive of having the food service option available.

But she wanted area residents to know how much she has appreciated the support from the local businesses and said Main Street is a value to our community and the people have been tremendous helping her throughout this ordeal.

City inspectors said the roof membrane was pulled up on the three-story building and then winds collapsed the roof into the third floor sending rain water gushing into an apartment and then pouring into the main floor. Water did extensive damage to the building’s structure and winds blew down a top portion of the fire wall that separates her building from the building to the east.

Winds also tore down the canopy at Under The Sun, blew out seven windows in the old Lee County Bank building, ripped an air-conditioning unit off the Fox Theatre and toppled a large pine tree onto Avenue E in the 500 block.

No tornadic activity was reported in the immediate area, but wind gusts reached 64 mph which is listed as an EFO activity on a tornadic wind damage scale.

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