Storm spotters needed for Lee County

Lee County EMS offers needs spotters.


LEE COUNTY – The National Weather Service has a number of devices for detecting severe thunderstorms.  Included in these are radar, satellite, and lightning detection networks.  However, the most important tool for observing thunderstorms is the trained eye of the storm spotter.

What is the difference between a spotter and a chaser?  Spotters are part of a local network who are trained to report specific types of weather from wherever they happen to be.  Some are mobile.  Most are not.  A chaser is someone who drives to the weather, often as a hobby but occasionally as part of their occupation.

The National Weather Service and the Lee County Emergency Management Agency invite you to learn how recognize potentially dangerous storms at the Storm Spotters Training.  The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Davenport is scheduled to present the program.  Included in the agenda will be cloud formations, spotting techniques, tornado development, and early detection.  Information will be provided on your own personal protection procedures when storm spotting and also what, when, how, and to whom to report your sightings.

Recent devastating tornadoes show how critical it is that timely and accurate information be given to the NWS so they can provide as much lead time to the public as possible to allow individuals to take the appropriate safety precautions related to the warning.  Individuals who are watchful of the weather and know who to call and what to report are this vital link and are extremely important to our community.

The National Weather Service recommends all spotters complete this course at least once every other year. This class is provided at no cost to anyone who wishes to attend and will be held in the Pilot Grove Savings Bank Community Room, located across the street from the Pilot Grove Savings Bank, 521 Main St in Donnellson.

The class will be held Monday March 20, 2015 at 6:30 PM.  If you have any questions please contact the Lee County Emergency Management Agency at 319-372-4124.

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