Fort Madison starts marketing new campground

The city of Fort Madison is now in the campground business with the opening of the Fort Madison City Campground and the City RV park. Photo courtesy of Fort Madison City Hall.



FORT MADISON – Fort Madison is now officially in the campground business.

At Tuesday’s regular city council meeting, John Luna, the city’s management analyst said the city got their first tenant at the park this week. A person who was just traveling and stayed for eight days. Another person is coming in a couple of weeks and staying for several months while moving to the area.

Luna said the city put about $25,000 of the city’s Quality of Life money into building the park. It was part of a larger $250,00o bond that was aimed at improvements earmarked for Rodeo Park.

“We built it with the quality of life money that was earmarked for Rodeo Park. I think we used about $25,000 for the campground,” Luna said. “We did a lot of other improvements out there, too.”

The idea came from City Manager David Varley who, according to Luna, was up at Rodeo Park and noticed all the shaded area and what the rodeo had done with pedestals and said the city should develop the park for an all-year campground.

The city is promoting the new park on its website and Facebook page and Luna said the word is starting to get out.

“We’ve been getting all kinds of inquiries about it on the city’s Facebook page so we’re hoping for a lot of business out there,” Luna said.

The park is managed by the city’s park department so overhead is minimal.

Luna was quick to add that there are several times during the year that grounds are not open to reservations due to events planned at the park.

He said obviously the campgrounds are not available from Sept 1-11 with the Tri State Rodeo underway.

Other dates that the campgrounds are not available in 2017 are Jun 3-4; July 14-15 and Sept 23.

The city campground at 2134 302nd Avenue has a rate of $15 per day with electrical service and $8 per day for tent camping. There are electric and non-electric sites and a shower facility on the grounds. The grounds have 10 lots with 20 amp service and 10 lots with 30 amp service.

The RV park at 2103 303rd Avenue has a $20 nightly fee with the same schedule as the city campground.

Registration is done via a self-registration. Envelopes with instructions are available in registration boxes in both campgrounds.




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