Letter to the Editor – Former employee supports LCHD bond issue

As a former employee of the Lee County Health Department I want to express my sincere hope that the residents of Lee County will vote YES on May 2. I worked for the department for 18 years, 13 years as the Environmental Program Director.  I know it has been asked “why not use an existing building?”.  As a Program Director, I went on countless visits to look at buildings throughout the county. I can vouch that many didn’t have sufficient space or were smaller than the current location.  Others might have had plenty of space, however ,the cost for renovation would be more than the current bond is slated at.
The current location might have been fine when LCHD moved there, but over the years the agency has grown out of it. When I started working at the health department there were six employees. When I retired two years ago there were 30 plus employees. With the additional employees means additional programs to benefit county residents. More employees, more programs, but no more space.
While at LCHD, I weathered the many temperature changes in the office. the Environmental office was located along the northeast corner where it was very cold. When the outside temperature would dip below 10 degrees, it was difficult to get the room temperature above 50 degrees, that is even with the assistance of space heaters. My husband and I used our own resources and time to insulate the walls and windows. Extra clothes and blankets continued to be needed. During the summer it was the opposite extreme. Having a temperature controlled building
would make a comfortable work environment.
There are space issues, there are temperature issues, but in the end, it is time for the county to own the health department building, instead of continuing to pay rent, and putting money into fixing a building they don’t even own. So on May 2, 2017 vote YES for the Lee County Health Department.
Diane Septer
Former Employee of Lee County Health Department

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor – Former employee supports LCHD bond issue

  1. Well sorry to say we won’t be voting for a new health department building because 1. Due to the raise in our assessed value of our home our real estate tax will already be going up. 2. the location is terrible-how are clients who have no way to get to the current location get to a location outside of town? If this town had bus service it wouldn’t be an issue but Fort Madison doesn’t have any public transportation. Sorry not going to vote for this because for some reason the County Board thinks they can continue to spend taxpayer’s money with no repercussions or say-so. And I say NO.

  2. So the employees can just suffer and work rapped in blankets in the winter and cont to get sick because your upset with the county board

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