C.U.R.E. re-opens in Main Street district

Sam Boyer stands in front of the new C.U.R.E. Business Solutions office at 613 Avenue G in Fort Madison. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC



FORT MADISON – Another business has decided to reopen in Fort Madison’s Main Street district. And with all the cosmetic changes going on inside the building, all that is needed now is a Welcome Home mat.

Sam Boyer, founder of C.U.R.E. Business Solutions, has purchased the building at 613 Avenue G and is moving his business back into the Main Street district after a fire pushed him from his original location out to the west end of Fort Madison.

“We recently purchased the old Dollhouse Dreams building at 613 Avenue G.  We were located all the way out by Shopko which put us out of touch with a majority of our business clients so we decided to move back to Main Street,” Boyer said.

Boyer has made some significant internal changes to the building, including have a wall built separating the front customer service area and creating a conversational space for customer interaction, including a large conference table and some comfy chairs.

“This will be where we have our interactions with our customers,” Boyer said. “We wanted to create something that was comfortable and inviting up front here.”

But behind the wall is where all the action takes place. Boyer will have two full time support staff on site in the Fort Madison office. He also has locations in Burlington and Fairfield. Staff behind the scenes are typically working with three to five monitors at a time providing a watchful eye on customer systems, and taking on repairs to equipment brought in.

Boyer said that C.U.R.E. is now getting back into residential support as well as business support.

“We really just didn’t have the time to do it before, so we focused mainly on businesses and providing support to them. But I think now we’re in a position where we can do a little bit more of that work,” he said.

The majority of C.U.R.E.’s time is spent on repairing and monitoring business systems. Boyer said his business model has changed some over time and now he’s finding it more efficient for his customers if his company monitors their systems looking ahead for potential pitfalls in systems, such as memory issues.

“We think it’s better to monitor the systems and help stave off any problems rather than going in when there is a problem and trying to solve the problem. We can do that, but we think it’s more cost-effective for our customers to monitor the system for them,” Boyer said.

And being downtown helps Boyer be more reactive to his customer base and is easier for people to come in.

“Since we’ve moved down here we’ve had a lot of people come through those doors. We’ve been very busy,” he said.

“We have a lot of clients in downtown Fort Madison and it is continuing to grow, so we would like to be part of that, not only for community development but also to improve our response time for our clients.  We recognized the need for quick response time in 2008, that is why we opened a branch office in Fort Madison, but if a business client has a server problem, a 10-minute trip could still be an eternity and that time has been cut down drastically for the downtown area.”

Boyer was originally just next door at 609 Avenue G and conducted business out of that building for about four years before it burned down in November of 2012 due to a rash of fires downtown. That forced him to move on short notice and they went to the west end of town. Now with the whole building in his possession he is creating living and working space for other individuals.

“Since the Dollhouse building is so big we are currently renovating our new office and putting in offices that will be available for rent for small businesses.   We hope to have it done by the end of next week.  It will have two offices and a reception area in addition to our space,” he said.

C.U.R.E. opened 20 years ago in 1997 in Fairfield and has seen consistent growth since that time. Boyer has 12 employees throughout Southeast Iowa and provides a full-service computer network of consulting, computer repair, and network security to area businesses. They also sell, and will service, your phone and copy machines.

Boyer will be hosting a “Back to the 80’s Business After Hours on Thursday, April 20 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Boyer said he there will be some very nice door prizes including a lap top computer and other gadgetry and some $50 gift cards to local businesses.

C.U.R.E can be reached by phone at 319-753-2873 or on the internet at www.curesolutions.com.

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