Sen. Taylor OK after hospital visit



DES MOINES – State Sen. Rich Taylor was taken to the hospital on Monday after falling ill during a debate session.

Taylor (D-Mt. Pleasant) was back at the Capitol building in the afternoon to continue the session.

‘I got very hot in a meeting and I went outside for some fresh cool air,” Taylor said on Wednesday.


“A few fellow senators came out to see if I was alright. They say I was having trouble breathing and was very pale. Someone called 911 and the game was on.”

Rescue personnel arrived at the Capitol building and took Taylor to the Des Moines Mercy Hospital.

“They poked me full of holes, I guess to let some of the hot air out, took some pictures for their scrapbook and told me I am ‘perfectly normal’,” he said.

The senator said he regretted going to the hospital as it caused him to miss his first floor vote.

‘I missed my first vote ever. I suppose it had to happen sometime but I was pretty proud of my lifetime record of never missing a vote.”


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