City, YMCA pool deal put off til 2018



FORT MADISON – A potential agreement that would have given the Fort Madison YMCA management of the Fort Madison swimming pool has been put on hold.


According to City Manager David Varley, the groups wanted to take more time to look over the option. Varley said the agreement has just been tabled until the fall.

“Their board met last week and talked about it and they decided they would wait until next year to get a clearer picture of the operations,” he said. “They wanna take some time on the budget numbers and what it will cost them to run it.”

Varley said the YMCA will “shadow” the city this year while running the pool and the city would provide monthly financials to the Y so they can compare how budgeting is done and get a better feel of the operations.

“It was just a little too much, too fast. It’s better for everyone if we wait and then they can see how it runs and get a better handle on it,” Varley said. We’ll bring it back in the fall and get it all set up for next year.”

Fort Madison YMCA Director Ryan Wilson said the time frame was just too short for the board to obtain all the information after discussing the idea in greater detail.


“It was just a lot to be transferred from one place to another in a short amount of time. We want to be able to do it right and do it a professional manner,” Wilson said.

“We need to take a hard look at numbers and see where things sit from a budget standpoint on our side of things. Getting to look over the processes will allow us to have adequate time and good information to make a decision going into next year.”



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