Chief cites more arrests in burglary spree


FORT MADISON – Burglars were out in force over the past week, but so was the Fort Madison police force.

At Monday’s regular Fort Madison City Council meeting Police Chief Tim Sittig said four arrests were made over the past four days in correlation to the recent string of thefts.

“I just went back eight days to April 10, we had 22 reported burglaries in town. As a result of investigations, we’ve made four arrests and out of those four arrests we’ve cleared 17 of those burglaries,” Sittig said.

He said the department thinks the remaining five burglaries may be related.

“We have one suspect who couldn’t count all the ones he did,” Sittig told the city council Monday.

Councilman Travis Seidel asked Sittig if there were any patterns in the crimes.

Sittig said the current spree is similar to past strings of localized burglaries with the suspects looking for unlocked vehicles and other property entrances that allow for quick grabs..

“Targets of opportunity,” he said. “Nothing nailed down, but mostly vehicles and garages that have been left open. The one’s we’ve cleared the suspects either confessed to or we’ve recovered property.”

Sittig said he still cautions Fort Madison residents in all parts of the town to take caution to make sure that all property is locked up and that nothing is left in vehicles.


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