LCHD moved to county offices after concern rises


FORT MADISON – The Lee County Health Department is moving their staff temporarily to the North Lee County Office building as of today.

On Tuesday, a concern was brought to the attention of the Health Department.

Based on the advice of County Attorney Ross Braden, the Health department staff are relocated to the County Office Building at 933 Avenue H in Fort Madison until further notice.

“It wasn’t as a result of any threats or anything like that, Braden said. “I advised them to relocate temporarily until we can get some further information. Hopefully we’ll have more information next week.”

He said he couldn’t elaborate any further on the issue and said it had nothing to do with the upcoming referendum.

For official Health Department business, the Health Department can be reached at 319-376-1065 or 319-371-8947. Environmental can be reached at 319-470-5047. Any inquiries with respect to the temporary relocation or concern will be referred to the County Attorney, Ross Braden.

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