School officials warn of harmful games among students


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison school officials are warning parents about possible harmful games being played by students in the district including knockout and choke out. Patrick Lamb, Fort Madison Community School District Security Officer, made a district-wide announcement this evening via the school’s voice and text messaging systems.

Lamb’s message said, “It has been brought to the attention of the district that students are discussing, attempting, or playing a game involving choking other students.  It is not clear when and where students are playing these games.  The games, sometimes referred to as “knockout,” “choke out,” or “rocket rides,” involve children choking each other until a student passes out.  There is also a game in which a student attempts to force themselves to pass out by making oneself light-headed until faintness occurs.  These are obviously dangerous games and we wanted to take the opportunity to inform you so you can talk with your child if he or she is hearing about these games, and of the dangers involved.  If you are concerned that your child is playing one of these games and would like assistance, please call your school’s main office and ask to speak to a counselor or nurse.”

To contact the high school, call (319)372.1862; the middle school, call (319)372.4687; Lincoln Elementary, call (319)372.2896; and Richardson Elementary, call (319)372.2765. The district office number is (319)372.7252.

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