FMHS issues statement on phishing attack

The following is a developing story and will be updated as information becomes available.
The following announcement is being sent from the Fort Madison School District regarding an email attack from originating from school administration and teacher accounts.
Google also issued a statement regarding the phishing scam and said they were looking into the matter.
According to the school’s information technology Director Sebastian Seifert, the school experienced a phishing attack.
“There is a phishing email going around. Do NOT authenticate third party apps to access your google drive and offline contacts.
You must change your password and revoke rights to third party apps if you have authenticated the most recent phishing attack.
To revoke third party access please visit this site:
If you opened the email and tried to access the google doc you need to change your password ASAP. You should also consider signing up for 2-step authentication now.
If you are not sure if you are affected
1. ask someone next to you if they received an email from you
2. change your password just in case”
Sam Boyer from C.U.R.E. Business Solutions said the phishing attack is more wide spread.
“All of our customers are getting it. Anyone who uses Google apps can be the sender, mostly schools because they all use it. Burlington Notre Dame’s families got hit hard, but I know people that I sent Google docs too got it as well, its worldwide. Google has not blocked the scam so if people click the link they get it,” Boyer said.

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