Boddicker takes over as County Attorney

Clinton Boddicker was sworn in as Lee County Attorney by 8th District Judge John Wright back in May of this year. Boddicker has been appointed as an Associate Judge to Iowa's Judicial District 8B effective Jan. 8. The Lee County Supervisors will need to appoint someone to fill the office by Jan. 8. PCC File Photo.



MONTROSE – Clinton Boddicker took the oath of office as the new Lee County Attorney Tuesday at the Lee County Board of Supervisors’ meeting after supervisors approved election results from the May 2 special election.

Boddicker, who has been an assistant in the office for about nine years, was sworn in by Judge John Wright of the 8th Judicial District (B), and then Wright immediately swore in Ross Braden as Boddicker’s 1st Assistant. The two went up against each other in the May election with Boddicker winning by almost 800 votes.

“I met with Ross and Mio (Santiago) yesterday to talk about how we would divide up the work,” Boddicker said. “There’s gonna be some minor  changes and some reorganization, but nothing major.”

Boddicker said during the campaign there was a lot of respect between the two and they both indicated that they would like to be a part of the county attorney’s office no matter the outcome of the election.

During the campaign, Boddicker and Braden indicated they thought the county attorney’s office needed more staffing. Boddicker said Tuesday that he won’t be looking to add another full or part-time attorney, but may be coming to the supervisors in the near future to request additional support staff for the office.

He also indicated that there is currently a homicide investigation out of north Lee County, specifically the death investigation of James Nelson, whose body was found in Indian Path Park just off the Skunk River earlier this year.

Boddicker said Assistant County Attorney Bruce McDonald is handling that case but he will be keeping an eye on the progress. Boddicker wouldn’t discuss the case any further.

He also talked briefly about the current Lee County Health Department issue and said he hasn’t seen the results of the air quality test that was ordered when Braden recommended the staff temporarily move out of the current facility.

Boddicker said he thought the test results would be considered a public document unless there was the potential of litigation. Braden has indicated that the document will remain confidential due to several Iowa codes as well as potential litigation. The Pen City Current has requested the report.


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