New law aims at protecting waste truck workers


(May 9, 2017) – A new Iowa law goes into effect July 1 requiring motorists to slow down, safely change lanes if possible and operate with caution around waste and recycling trucks with safety lights flashing. Similar to cautions already in place for motorists passing a stopped public safety vehicle, drivers could be cited by law enforcement for violating the new law.

Iowa is the 14th state to enact “Slow Down to Get Around” legislation, which is designed to protect waste and recycling workers. Data from the Bureau of Statistics has found that waste and recycling collection is the fifth most dangerous job in America in terms of fatalities and injuries.

The Iowa Recycling Association (IRA) took the steps to achieve support for this legislation during the recent Iowa legislative session. The law was signed by Governor Terry Branstad on April 20.

“Collection workers are at risk every day,” said IRA President Shannon Meister. “We hope this law increases awareness of those dangers and encourages drivers to slow down and use caution when encountering waste and recycling vehicles on the road.”


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