Burdened souls lost in New Orleans

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By Jessica McPherson

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Overview – Josilyn Michael moved back to New Orleans after a horrific attack at the hands of her husband. She didn’t come looking for love, just a fresh start with old friends. Dillon has a past he isn’t sure he can overcome and a lifestyle he wasn’t ready to give up. When Josilyn was thrust into his arms, everything changed for them both. The attraction was undeniable and they questioned if love was possible. Can Josilyn overcome her fear and release her demons to give love a chance? Can Dillon overcome his past and leave a life behind, or will the past destroy his future? Can love heal their burdened souls?

Scene setting – Josilyn is sitting outside with her best friend and on the phone with her fiancé. Her phone had died and she’s just getting messages.

I got a funny feeling in my stomach again but couldn’t find the source.
“You got quiet. What’s wrong, love?”
“Nothing. Just had a funny feeling today. It’s just my mind messing with me since you’re not here. I think it’s going to be a rough night.”
“I’m sorry, love. Maybe Caleb will sleep with you.”
“He already said he would. Can I call you before I go to sleep?”
“Of course. I’m going to jump in the shower and will be waiting to hear from you.”
“I love you, Dillon.”
“I love you, too, Josilyn.”
“You two are adorable,” Caleb said, standing up. “I’m going to find a movie and pop some popcorn. Sound good?”
“Yep. I’m just going to check my messages then I’ll be in.
He nodded and went inside.
I had five voicemails and three text messages. The first two were from Dillon.
“Just landed call when I’m in the hotel.”
“Just got your email. So, if your phone comes to life just know I love you so much.”
The third was from my lawyer.
“Josilyn I tried calling. I left several messages please contact me as soon as possible it is urgent.”
I quickly dialed my voicemail before calling him. The first two were reminders of my doctors’ appointments. The next three were from him.
“Josilyn. It is very urgent that I speak with you. Please contact me.”
“Josilyn. It’s Mr. Collier again. Please call me as soon as you can.”
“Josilyn. I can’t go into details over a message. There’s a chance you’re in danger. Please call me.”
I quickly dialed his number and he picked up on the first half-ring
“Josilyn thank goodness. I was afraid I was too late.”
“Mr. Collier. What’s going on?”
“Wade escaped.”
I couldn’t breathe as I sat there and listened to him. My world shattered instantly. I knew Wade was here.
“He faked being sick to get transferred to the hospital. They aren’t sure how he got around security, but he did. They didn’t contact me til this morning. He is believed to have escaped around midnight last night. I’m not sure if he’ll come after you, but I have contacted your local authorities and they should be in contact with you. I’m surprised they haven’t been already. We need to set you up with a bodyguard or security of some kind. I’m sorry, Josilyn.”
“I’ll call the authorities right now and let them know I’m home. Please keep me informed if you hear anything. Thank you for calling me, Mr. Collier.”
I sat there trying to find the strength to dial the phone. I needed to call Dillon. He picked up on the first ring.
“Well that was fast,” he said through laughter.
“Dillon,” I said, panic coated my voice.
“Josilyn, wants wrong?” he said quickly. “Josilyn. Breathe. Tell me what’s wrong.”
I tried to contain my fear.
“Wade escaped custody. Dillon, I think he’s already here. I think that’s the funny feeling I’ve been getting.”
“Call the police, love. I am booking the next flight home. Go in the house right now and lock the door. I am so sorry I left you.”
“They are on the way. Dillon, I’m scared.”
“I know, love, I know, but you need to do what I’m telling you. Set the alarm and don’t open the doors for anyone but the police OK?”
“OK,” I said, fully crying now.
“Josilyn, I’m gonna to hang up now. I’m going call a friend on the police force.
His name is Xiever Cabe. He will call you.”
“Dillon, don’t hang up.”
“I have to call him. Go in the house with Caleb. Please, Josilyn.”
The line went dead. I quickly jumped up from my seat and sprinted for the house.
Caleb was at the door as I arrived. The look on my face must have told him everything.
“He’s here. I know it,” I manage to say.
“Go sit in the living room, I’ll lock all the doors.”
I sat on the couch shaking. The phone rang and I screamed.
“It’s Dillon honey,” Caleb said, handing me the phone.
“Josilyn,” he said quietly. “Baby, speak to me.”
“I’m here.”
“I called Xiever. Your lawyer had already contacted them. A twenty-four hour security detail is coming over.”
“I’m on a 2 a.m. flight tonight. I’ll be home around 5:30 a.m. Please don’t leave the house.”
“I won’t. Please hurry home, Dillon.”
“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
About the Author
Jessi McPherson is an author with Smoke and Mirrors Ink and lives in Fort Madison, a small town in southeast Iowa, but grew up a military brat, traveling all around with her family. She found writing at a young age and never stopped. She is the mother of two amazing teenagers and the wife of a very loving and supportive husband. She enjoys being outdoors when she isn’t working as a manager of a local bar and night club.
She loves to write saucy romances with a little twist and is working on a couple fantasy/supernatural works as well. She writes stories that allow you to escape and dream to be in new worlds. She hopes you can connect with her characters and put yourself in their shoes.  These aren’t your typical Cinderella stories because not everyone wants the Prince do they?
You can Pre-order Burdened Souls on Amazon to be release May 27th 2017 and follow her on any one of her pages for updates on her work at any of these links;
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessi.mcpherson.79
Author page: https://www.facebook.com/Jessimcp/#
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jessi_Mcp
Website: http://jessimcp10.wixsite.com/mysite
Publisher: http://www.smokeandmirrorsink.com/




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