Partners seeking final sponsors for Kat tourney


FORT MADISON – With the Cabela’s King Kat Tourney just eight weeks away, plans are ramping up and the Fort Madison Partners is trying to finalize sponsorships.

Fort Madison Partners Executive Director Tim Gobble said there are plenty of sponsorship opportunities available and the group is looking for about $3,000 more to finalize the $10,000 needed to secure the tournament.

With upwards of 50 to 70 boats and possibly more launching at different locations along Pool 19 on early Friday morning Aug. 11, the event is one of four two-day super events that have seen large crowds on both day’s weigh-ins.

Tournament Director Jeremy Coe said with an average of 50 2-man teams in the tournament, the average impact to a local community is roughly $273,000 considering visits to the pool prior to the tournament, a practice day prior to the tournament and the two-days of the tournament. Coe said there is another one-day tournament in Quincy the following day which could bring more boaters into the area for both events.

Gobble said sponsorships are available for several portions of the event including Saturday’s Kids Fishing Rodeo at Wilson Lake.

“We got $5,000 from the city and then we were able to secure $2,000 more, so we still need about $3,000,” he said. Anyone wanting more information on sponsoring a portion of the tournament is encouraged to call Gobble at the Fort Madison Partners’ office at 319-372-5471.

Coe said his group is thrilled to bring the tournament back to Fort Madison.

“We had one of our first ever classics here eight or nine years ago,” he said. “The reason we like the Fort Madison area is because the fisherman like it. You’ve got all the amenities…food, hotel, everything they want when they are off the water. On the water, it’s probably one of the best fisheries there is from there north. It’s primarily a channel cat fishery and that fishing is tremendous right there in the pool. Probably the best in the country. At that time of the year you might pull some flat heads out, too.”

Boulders Inn & Suites is the host hotel for the event and Comfort Inn & Suites is the site for the tournament seminar and registrations.

The tourney itself has a guaranteed purse of $10,000 with less than 50 boats, but at 50 the purse goes up, which Coe said he believes will happen.

“It’s guaranteed at $10,000 and payback based on numbers. At 50 boats is where it starts going up. I think it will be higher than that. Fort Madison is as good a fishing as there is anywhere in the country,” he said.

“The last time the tournament was in town it was an end of the year tournament that was for everyone that qualified throughout the year. But we had a lot of boats there. This year it’s one of four of our Super events. It’s a two-day tournament with the winner having the combined heaviest stringer over the tournament. And then we have the Big Fish pot, and that pot goes to whatever the biggest fish is.”

Those wishing to participate in the event may do so by calling 502-384-5924, sign up on the website at, or mail in the entry to 220 Mohawk Ave., Louisville, KY 40209.

Tournament rules and regulations can be found at the Cabela’s King Kat Tournament Trail website at




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