New school puts our children first


Dear Editor;

I have been associated with the Fort Madison Community School District for over 45 years. I have worked maintenance, been a teacher, Activities Director, coach, and school board member during those 45 years. Kate and I both taught in the district for 35 years, had three sons go through and graduate from Fort Madison. I have one son who works in the district at the high school and will have three grandchildren attending the Fort Madison Community School District next year. As you can see we have invested lots of time in the district during those years. We have seen many changes take place in the district to help make the district better.
As the next change for our district rolls around this coming Tuesday, June 27, we hope that the Fort Madison community sees the need to continue to expand and grow the schools of the area. The FMCSD employees are fine and outstanding individuals. We have the finest teachers and programs that you can find anywhere in the state. I would match our teacher and programs against any in the state.
We have the opportunity on Tuesday, June 27 to continue this standing with a new elementary school. Our community has the opportunity to have the finest school complex as any school in the state. We can be that district that the rest of the state looks to, to have outstanding schools. This can only be accomplished by building a new school.
Opportunities for our kids is the number one priority! It is the responsibility of all of us the make sure our kids are provided with the quality education they deserve. This is not only for the kids but for our staff to continue to be the best they can be. Let’s not deprive our kids of this opportunity.
This is not just for the kids but also for making the Fort Madison and the surrounding areas more prosperous communities. Education can and will help a community grow. By providing new schools it will make the area a more inviting place for people to live and work. It would be a large plus for the area if the FMCSD and Holy Trinity would have two new schools. This would provide the people of the area with a choice on where to take their kids to school. This choice would be a huge deciding factor in coming to the area. Please remember these important factors as the vote nears.
Please take the time to vote on Tuesday, June 27.
Let’s do this for the Kids and the communities of the area.

Timm Lamb
FMCSD Board of Education

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