VOTE YES for KIDS! – Letter to the Editor


Vote Yes for KIDS!

Quality public education is a key component in the economic health of our community.  A well educated workforce is essential to the businesses and industries that drive our economy.  Quality schools are an important quality of life issue that prospective industrial leaders and professionals look at when deciding where to locate.  Currently, our elementary students have the very best that we can provide when it comes to teachers and staff, as well as educational curriculum.  However, this is being performed in two buildings that simply do not meet the demand for 21st century learning.  Richardson Elementary and Lincoln Elementary Schools have served our area well for nearly a hundred years, but they have severe limits in providing the educational experience that our students deserve.  Limits in accessibility, limits in safety and security, limits in climate control and comfort, limits in availability of the latest technology and limits in adaptable learning spaces.  The proposed new elementary school will address those shortcomings, providing a modern, safe and secure environment to enable our excellent staff to educate our students in the best ways possible.  The community members involved with the KIDS committee have done an excellent job of determining what these needs are and how our new school should look and function.  It is time for our community to make an investment in our future!  Please join me in voting yes for KIDS on June 27th!


Larry Smith

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