Lee County Fair 2017 Livestock Award winners

Connor Moore, of Primrose, scrubs down his steer prior to showing during the Lee County Fair last year. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC


DONNELLSON – The Lee County Fair released the names of the 2017 Livestock awards earlier this week.

The category, award and exhibitor name are below for all category winners.

Swine Awards
1st place Rate of Gain – Luke Fraise
2nd Rate of Gain – Cameron Nabors
Champion Derby Gilt – Violett Potter
Champion Derby Barrow – Luke Fraise
Champion Market Gilt – Tyler Wellman
Champion Market Barrow – Blake Moeller
Champion Derby Swine – Luke Fraise
Reserve Champion Derby Swine – Cameron Nabors
Champion Derby Carcass – Luke Fraise
Reserve Champion Derby Carcass – Cameron Nabors
Champion Market Swine – Tyler Wellman
Reserve Champion Market Swine – Blake Moeller
Champion Market Swine Carcass – Cameron Nabors
Reserve Champion Market Swine Carcass – Jacob Stukerjurgen
Supreme Champion Swine – Tyler Wellman
Senior Swine Showperson – Jacob Stukerjurgen
Intermediate Swine Showperson – Haley Lampe
Junior Swine Showperson – Josie Mueller
Champion Breeding Gilt – Blake Moeller
Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt – Blake Moeller
Champion Competitive Swine – Jackie Fraise
Reserve Champion Competitive Swine – Alexa Dingman

Goat Awards
Champion Breeding Female Meat Goat – Haley Lampe
Reserve Champion Breeding Female Meat Goat – Chloe Hoenig
Champion Market Goat – Haley Lampe
Reserve Champion Market Goat – Haley Lampe
Junior Meat Goat Showperson – Drake Weber
Intermediate Meat Goat Showperson – Haley Lampe
Senior Meat Goat Showperson – Chloe Hoenig

Sheep Awards
Champion Commercial Ewe – Cole Moeller
Reserve Champion Commercial Ewe – Tyler Wellman
Champion Market Lamb – Kyle Bredemeyer

Reserve Champion Market Lamb – Cole Moeller
1st Rate of Gain – Tyler Philbrook
2nd Rate of Gain – Chyane Davidson
Champion Derby Lamb – Avree Tweedy
Lightweight Market Division Champion – Cole Moeller
Middleweight Market Division Champion – Trenten Tweedy
Heavyweight Market Division Champion – Kyle Bredemeyer
Hair Market Division Champion – Colby Bredemeyer
WIB Market Division Champion – Alec Mehmert
White Face Market Division Champion – Conner Gehling
Pen of 3 Champion – Grace Hulsebus
Senior Sheep Showperson – Tyler Wellman
Intermediate Sheep Showperson – Haley Lampe
Junior Sheep Showperson – Seth Moeller

Dairy/Goat Awards
Champion Dairy – Kevin Krogmeier
Reserve Champion Dairy – Kyle Krogmeier
Senior Dairy Showperson – Kelli Meierotto
Intermediate Dairy Showperson N/A
Junior Dairy Showperson N/A
Champion Dairy Goat – Vivian Gruener
Reserve Champion Dairy Goat – Vivian Gruener
Dairy Goat Showperson – Vivian Gruener
Junior Bucket/Bottle Calf Champion – Tyler Philbrook
Intermediate Bucket/Bottle Calf Champion – Sara Roth
Senior Bucket/Bottle Calf Champion – Mattlynn Tweedy

Dog Show Awards
Champion Pre-Novice A Handling 1st year – Drew Dravis
Champion Pre-Novice B Handling – Brookyln Jones
Champion Novice Handling – Quenten Tweedy
Champion Graduate Handling – N/A
Champion Pre-Novice A Obedience, 1st year – Shanna Buford
Champion Pre-Novice B Obedience – Jesse Weaver
Champion Novice Obedience – Quenten Tweedy
Champion Graduate Obedience – N/A

Small Animal Awards
Champion Doe Rabbit – Hailey Tweedy

Reserve Champion Doe Rabbit – Haley Lampe
Champion Buck Rabbit – Hailey Tweedy
Reserve Champion Buck Rabbit – Brianna Gruntmeir
Champion Best of Fur – Hailey Tweedy
Reserve Champion Best of Fur – Haley Lampe
Senior Rabbit Showperson – Julia Smith
Intermediate Rabbit Showperson – Hailey Tweedy
Junior Rabbit Showperson – Justin Snider
Champion Poultry – Jonny Ray Snider
Reserve Champion Poultry – Chyane Davidson
Senior Poultry Showperson – Jenna Wenke
Intermediate Poultry Showperson – Jonny Ray Snider
Junior Poultry Showperson – Justin Snider
Champion Duck – Justin Snider
Reserve Champion Duck – Josh Ellis
Champion Duck Showperson – Leo Thomas
Champion Geese – Ethan Glasgow
Reserve Champion Geese – Jonny Ray Snider
Champion All Other Fowl – Jonny Ray Snider
Reserve Champion All Other Fowl – Jolene Snider

Horse Awards
Champion Junior Horsemanship – Ethan Burkholder
Champion Intermediate Horsemanship – Hailey Tweedy
Champion Senior Horsemanship – Scarlett Gruener
Champion Junior Showmanship – Denton Westercamp
Champion Intermediate Showmanship – Kacey Weaver
Champion Senior Showmanship – Vivian Gruener

Beef Awards
Champion Derby Beef Live – Cameron Nabors
Reserve Champion Derby Beef Live – Abigail Wellman
1st place Rate of Gain – Grace Hulsebus
2nd Place Rate of Gain – Abigail Wellman
Champion Derby Beef Carcass – Abigail Wellman
Reserve Champion Derby Beef Carcass – Trenten Tweedy
Champion Simmental – Connor Conrad
Reserve Champion Simmental – Madeline Wellman
Champion Foundation Simmental – Caleb Denning
Champion Angus Female – Remington Wellman
Reserve Champion Angus Female – Rylee Brune
Champion Cow/Calf – Rylee Brune
Champion Commercial Female – Logan Wells
Supreme Champion Beef Female – Caleb Denning
Reserve Supreme Champion Beef Female – Remington Wellman
Grand Champion Market Beef – Madison Mohrfeld
Reserve Champion Market Beef – Trevor Mohrfeld
Champion Return Bucket/Bottle Market Beef – Trenten Tweedy
Champion Market Heifer – Madeline Wellman
Senior Showperson – Connor Conrad
Intermediate Showperson – Trevor Mohrfeld
Junior Showperson – Shanna Buford

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