FMCH names June employee of the month

Matt Mullins, VP of Physician Service; Christy Winn; Pat Bira, CEO. Courtesy photo.


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison Community Hospital recognized Christy Winn as their June Employee of the Month. Winn works as a nurse in the FMP&S Internal Medicine Clinic. She has been with FMCH for two years. Winn was recognized with this nomination, sent in by a patient’s family member:

I am writing to inform you of a wonderful employee you have. My parents are patients at your clinic and this employee has been their nurse. My parents are 93 and 91 respectively. I am an only child and I live in Burlington. This employee has been a guardian angel to my parents. She makes sure they know when their appointments are and has arranged for transportation for them. When they come for an appointment, she always meets them in the parking lot and helps them get to the office. This employee has gone above and beyond her duties as a provider. She has stopped by their house to do wellness checks on them. She immediately recognized my father was suffering from congestive heart failure, when we thought he just had a cold and informed me so I could get him admitted to the hospital. She has checked to make sure their medications are correct and being taken in the correct doses. She does all of these wonderful things for my parents on her own time, without being paid, because she is such a caring person. This employee deserves special recognition for all the wonderful things she has done for my parents and I am sure she treats all of her patients with the same kindness and respect. My husband was ill for most of 2016. As a result, I have spent a lot of time at UIHC, HCHC, GRMC and Mayo Clinic. Along this journey, I have encountered numerous health care providers. I want you to know that this employee is one of the best providers I have ever seen and a tremendous asset to your staff.

Winn expressed this about who has made the most difference in her career at FMCH, “I would like to recognize Ashley Egley and Jackie McVey for being such great co-workers; Dr. Santiago for joining our practice and bringing such great patients to care for with him and Dr. Thondapu for keeping me on track and teaching us all patience.”

Winn enjoys spending time with her husband Brian and their three children. She also works on the weekend taking care of four elders who need an extra hand.

The Employee of the Month is an initiative developed by the Reward & Recognition team. Each month a FMCH employee is honored for going above and beyond for the good of the patient, their co-workers and the organization.



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