Did you hear that?


FORT MADISON – Local authorities are chalking a large boom this morning to a sonic boom most likely from a jet overhead.

Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber said he was making a call to the Federal Aviation Administration to see if a jet was overhead but hadn’t heard anything definitive.

The sound seems to have been more audible over the Montrose area.

Steve Cirrina, the Lee County Emergency Management Services director said he heard the noise this morning a little after 11 and ran outside of his home in Montrose.

“It was pretty large bang and shook the windows so I ran outside and I heard a jet overhead,” Cirinna said.

“We get these things about once a year or so and in the past I’ve called around to Scott Air Force Base (Illinois) and other places and they always say ‘We don’t know of anything’, so who knows.”

He said he didn’t call around to bases this time, but also said the area is in an active meteor shower and he’s heard of occurrences where meteors, if they get inside the atmosphere, can create sonic booms, but he’s betting it was a military plane.

“That’s the only explanation I can give you, but I have heard of meteors causing booms like that, but I’d bet it was a jet.”

“They’re not supposed to fly over heavily populated areas, but I don’t know how firmly they stick to those guidelines.” he said.


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