LCCB issues release on duck blind modification

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MONTROSE – The Lee County Conservation board released a statement Thursday on the new revised duck hunting policies to ensure the guidelines on the modifications are clear for everyone.

At a special meeting held by the Lee County Conservation board on August 14th, the Board voted to modify the implementation of new duck hunting policies. These adjustments came after receiving feedback from duck hunters regarding the Board’s decision to eliminate permanent blinds in 2017.

The board voted to give duck hunters more time before all properties are treated under standard LCCB rules, which prohibit the use of permanent blinds. The change in policy will officially go into effect in 2018.

This modification particularly affects individuals who hunt on the islands owned by LCCB near the main channel. The islands were purchased in 2012 by the Lee County Conservation Board. Many hunters utilizing these areas were not aware the County had purchased the land. The delayed implementation will allow hunters utilizing this area to prepare for the rule changes.

The Northern Winds Area (Ortho Pocket) and Lotus Flats Area, where LCCB rules were amended to allow the permanent blind program, will contain one permanent blind through 2018. The Board has agreed to honor the remaining blind agreement from 2016 if hunters continue to comply with the rules of the agreement. The 2016 agreement continues through the end of the 2018 season. The rest of these areas will be treated under standard LCCB rules prohibiting the use of permanent blinds.

The Lee County Conservation Board has uploaded a map to the county’s website that explains these changes and the areas affected by them. For more information about waterfowl hunting on Lee County Conservation Board properties, please call the Conservation Office at 319-463-7673.

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