Great River Health Systems looking to build on city’s west end

Updated 11:30 to clarify FMCH urology services.


FORT MADISON – An official with Great River Health Systems out of Burlington confirmed Monday morning the group is looking to buy property on the west end of Fort Madison.

Jim Kammerer, vice president of Support Services with the company, said GRHS is still in the abstract phase of a parcel of land on the southeast corner of Ortho Road and Hwy 61.

“We are in the process of purchasing that property, I don’t think it’s been finalized because there was some stuff with the abstract,” he said.

The company is looking to purchase the land for an outreach clinic. Kammerer said that type of clinic usually provides services that typically aren’t provided in the community.

“We’re looking at that land for an outreach clinic,” he said. “Outreach clinics provide services such as urology – those types of services that aren’t currently provided in the community and are not inherent to a typical community hospital.”

Kammerer said Fort Madison doesn’t offer currently offer Urology services. However the hospital does hold clinic three times per week with Great River Medical Center urologists.

The clinic, if built, will stand just across the intersection from the Fort Madison Community Hospital.

“I can’t say if it’s going to be competitive or not competitive, but that’s the type of clinic services we’re considering there,” he said.

The company has also acquired the services of Hometown Medical Care in West Point. Kammerer said the staff at that facility will be transitioning to Great River Health Systems on Oct. 1, but he said details on that property are also still being worked out.

“We don’t know yet if we’re going to own that or just lease it,” he said.

The company also owns The Keokuk Clinic in Keokuk which is a clinic primarily focused on internal medicine. Kammerer said GRHS is looking at other properties in Burlington, but have no additional plans for acquisitions in Lee County at this time.

He said the company is aware of some flooding concerns with the property along Ortho Road, but said that’s part of the company’s process in investigating the land and they have plans to mitigate the issues. Other locations were also being scouted for the clinic.

FMCH officials deferred commenting on the announcement.


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