Reader supports Anderson for school board – Letter to the Editor


Fort Madison School District residents are fortunate have several qualified candidates running for the School Board. One of those candidates is Gunther W. Anderson.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Gunther and his family for over 15 years. Gunther’s three children all attend public schools, however his commitment to the school district goes far beyond the interests of his own children. Gunther deeply cares about the quality of education for all students. He will bring his vision, expertise, and dedication to our public schools. I know that he wants every child in the district to have the same support and success that he desires for his own children.

Gunther possess the skillset to effectively take on the challenges facing our district. He is well respected for his ability to find solutions to tough problems. His open communication will be an asset to all taxpayers.

At a time when the value of education has taken a back seat from politicians in Des Moines and across the country our students, teachers, support staff, administrators, and taxpayers will have a fair and passionate advocate in Gunther W. Anderson.

That’s why he has my vote on September 12th.

Tom Cale,
Fort Madison Iowa

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