Harvest season outlook: below normal temperature, rainfall heading into harvest season

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Harvest Season Outlook
Below normal temperature and rainfall heading into harvest season

It’s looking like the pattern of normal- to below-normal temperatures along with below-normal rainfall will continue through most of the month of September, with week-to-week variability.

September Temperature Outlook
Blue = Below Normal Temperatures Expected

September Rainfall Outlook
Brown = Below Normal Rainfall
Green = Above Normal Rainfall (Primarily Due to Harvey)

In fact, in the following 46-day precipitation anomaly images, areas shaded in darker shades of brown are expected to experience well-below-normal rainfall. The area of blue is rainfall associated with the remains of Harvey.

Other than Harvey-impacted areas, note that almost the entire primary corn belt, and especially core corn-producing areas, are expected to receive well-below-normal rainfall.

46-Day Rainfall Anomaly

Temperatures are expected to average below normal, but with week-to-week variability. The area most likely to experience below-normal readings is the eastern corn belt. It is interesting to see that the areas that are currently to most dry — including Southeast Iowa — could average warmer than surrounding areas.

46-Day Temperature Anomaly
Blue = Cooler than normal Brown = Warmer than normal


There are some signs that temperatures could trend back closer to normal heading into October and November and there could be an uptick in precipitation.

September – October – November Temperature Outlook


September – October – November Precipitation Outlook

Source: Blue Weather Outlook





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