Residents along 330th Avenue without water Thursday night


FORT MADISON – Residents north of Fort Madison along 330th Avenue on the Rathbun water service were without water from about 8:30 p.m. to midnight Thursday night.

Bill Benjamin, a distribution supervisor for Rathbun Regional Water Association said Friday a coupler to a 3-inch main cracked and had to be dug up and replaced. He said there were about three Rathbun trucks in the area of the Iowa State Penitentiary from about 8:30 til just after midnight. He said additional utility trucks were on the scene to monitor the digging.

Larry Driscoll, Fort Madison City Works Director, said the city has a main in the area, but no city services were disrupted with the break.

Benjamin said water had been restored to the area by midnight.

“It happens sometimes. I don’t know if it was because the ground was so dry or what, but those things happen.”

The Iowa State Penitentiary is on Fort Madison’s water line so it was impacted by the water outage.

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