Letter to Voters – Gunther Anderson, candidate for FM School board

Editor’s Note: All candidates for the upcoming Sept. 12 school board election were invited to write an unedited letter to the voters to be posted on our website, to our social media outlets and to be published in our e-edition.

My Dear Neighbors,

When I moved to Fort Madison just a few days before Christmas in 2002, it was out of the home in Wapello where I grew up and into my first apartment. I was 19, and had no clue what being an independent adult entailed.
In 2004 my wife and I had our first son. Our daughter followed in 2007, and the latest addition to our family arrived as a second son in 2009. That was also the year our oldest started attending the schools in Fort Madison. I had been working third shift since 2008 and missed out on many opportunities to become more active and involved in my community and then in the school & its programs. In 2013, we bought a house just ten blocks from our apartment. Fort Madison was still where I lived, but I still had not yet made it my home.
Then in 2015 I began working first shift. 7AM to 3PM. Exactly when my kids are in school, so as far as my family was concerned, I was never gone. All three kids are in scouts and now I help with their activities however I can. I’m awake when the schools’ faculty are, during conferences, meetings, and events. Now that I’ve begun participating in my community I finally feel like I’m a part of it. After all these years, Fort Madison is my home. And I feel a strong sense of responsibility to care for my home as best I can.
I’m running for a position on the school board because I know I have the skills and disposition to not only do the job, and do it well, but to genuinely enjoy doing it. As an officer on my Union Local’s executive board, I know what it means to be a part of a core team working together to arrive at decisions which will have a lasting effect on many more people than just ourselves. I have plenty of experience researching a subject and weighing numerous points of view against one another, leaving my own personal biases completely out of the equation, to arrive at the conclusion which provides the most benefit to the most people. I am more than ready to ensure the Fort Madison Community School District continues to grow and develop as an excellent component in our community’s continued success.

Thank you sincerely,
Gunther W. Anderson

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