Letter to the Editor – Auditor outlines voter ID


Letter to the Editor

With the upcoming School and City Elections, I would like to take a minute to educate voters on new legislation passed this year on the topic of providing identification when you vote. Beginning July 1, 2017, voters who are not registered to vote in the precinct where they live, will need to provide proof of residence, as well as identification, when they vote at the polling place. Proof of residence must be current to within 45 days of the election. Driver’s license or non-operator ID must be current within 90 days. If you are attesting for another voter, you must provide identification.
Voter ID will not be required until January 1, 2018. If you do not have an Iowa Driver’s License or a non-operator ID, you will be mailed a Voter ID card from the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office in early December. ONLY VOTERS WITHOUT AN IOWA DRIVER’S LICENSE OR NON-OPERATOR ID WILL BE SENT A VOTER ID CARD. Also, beginning January 1, 2018, voters requesting an absentee ballot will be required to include their driver’s license/non-operator ID number on their request form. Voters receiving the Voter ID card, will be required to include their card’s PIN number on the absentee request form.
This law does not affect Iowa’s registration process. There are still multiple ways to register to vote, including at the polls on Election Day. Voters registering on Election Day still need to bring a picture ID and proof of residency in the precinct.
If you have any questions on this matter, feel free to contact me at 319-372-3705 or dfraise@leecounty.org.

Denise Fraise, Lee County Auditor

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