Summer 2017: How extreme was it



The following statics provide some insight into how extreme (or not) the past summer was for the U.S. corn belt. For the entire corn belt both temperature and rainfall (with significant regional and temporal variation) averaged fairly close to normal.

Summer Temperature Departure

Summer Rainfall Departure

The U.S. Climate Extremes Index (CEI) is an index that combines extremes in temperature, precipitation, and drought. Here is the U.S. CEI for the past summer period. 2017 is indicated on the far right. Note that it was above normal (black line) but not excessively so.

Compare to the CEI for the Midwest U.S. The U.S. summer 2017 CEI is 23% while the Midwest U.S. was around 21%. This shows that the Midwest U.S.experienced less extreme summer weather than the U.S. average.


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