Letter to the Editor – Duck hunter responds to board’s decisions


To the Editor:
Area duck hunters are alarmed by the Lee County Conservative Board’s decision to ban permanent duck blinds. Their reasons are illogical, irrational and ever-changing and their decision puts the safety of hunters at risk. Replacing permanent duck blinds with boat blinds is an accident waiting to happen. During duck season the Mississippi River is often icy, choppy and treacherous. Because the members of the board are not duck hunters, they may not know that. But they shouldn’t be ignorant of winter weather in Iowa and what Mother Nature can do to the Mississippi River. What they are doing to duck hunters now, they did to dove hunters earlier. Even though it was their job, they didn’t plant sunflowers on designated fields forcing hunters to go to neighboring Des Moines County or even buy out-of-state licenses in Missouri. The Lee County Conservation Board shows a thinly-veiled contempt for sportsmen and gun owners. They are unwilling to listen or learn. Trying to cover their tracks when their lies are exposed, they talk out of both sides of their mouths. When it comes to the Lee County Conservation Board, the deeper you dig, the more you learn, the more things stink. They have hired a Director who does not live in Lee County. They commissioned a $40,000 survey that confirms the middle of the Mississippi River is under water. Meetings are held in closed session to prevent any input from the public they are supposed to serve and they’re held in a building with acoustics so bad the audience cannot hear what they are saying. They are not doing their jobs. Let them know and tell your Lee County Board of Supervisors with phone calls, letters, emails and by attending their next meeting.
Rusty Robbins

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