Lawson named FMCH August employee of the month


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison Community Hospital recognized Amber Lawson as their August Employee of the Month. Lawson is a Physical Therapy Assistant in the Outpatient Rehabilitation Services department at FMCH. She has been with FMCH for eight years. Lawson was recognized with this nomination:
This employee has made a career out of her job by developing her skills in so many areas.  First, let me say that she is extremely bright both socially and intellectually. She amazes me how she looks at our staff concerns and processes and comes up with solutions to please everyone.  This could be in the form of making a creative treatment plan for a difficult patient or figuring out where to put a machine so it is efficient for our team.  She is socially aware and grounds the rest of the staff when it comes to serving the community, going the extra mile and being a terrific teammate.  She is very thoughtful and makes sure our projects will improve processes for the staff and our patients.  She never has to be reminded to input her quality data and always has data available upon the director’s request.  This employee REALLY cares about FMCH. She is very aware of her surroundings and frequently brings maintenance issues to the director to make sure the staff and patients are safe.  She and her husband came in on a Sunday to re-upholster a piece of furniture because we were having a hard time finding a business to do it for us. She is awesome at her job also. She goes above and beyond for her patients, taking the time to educate.  As I look back at this nomination, I think the reason she is a valuable employee is because she truly lives by the standards of behavior we have all agreed to embrace.  She is a standard superstar.
Lawson expressed this about working at FMCH, “I work with an amazing group of therapists who possess a ton of knowledge and we all pull information and skill from each other all the time. Jane (Wentzien) as my supervisor has given me constant encouragement, coaching, and support as I work through life and career. Your peers are the key to longevity in any career; good decisions on her part in forming our department has created the consistency of staff to keep us moving in the right direction.”

Lawson enjoys spending time with her husband and their daughters on their hobby farm, partaking in outdoor activities.
The Employee of the Month is an initiative developed by the Reward & Recognition team. Each month a FMCH employee is honored for going above and beyond for the good of the patient, their co-workers and the organization.

Pictured are Jeremy Alexander, Interim President/CEO; Amber Lawson; Jane Wentzien, Director of Rehab Services. Courtesy photo.



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