Two years…and counting


Before I forget this (how could I?), I have a book signing scheduled for Oct. 26, at 7 p.m., at SIP in Mt. Pleasant, 120 S Main St. It’s a coffee house. I will read a short selection from my book “Protected,” answer questions and sign books for those who wish. Books will be available.
Swarms are thriving under their heavenly blue roof. Ginnie and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary on October 10. I really went all out and took her to Taco Tuesday at my grandchildrens’ Christian School. Just kidding. Although we did talk about it. What could be funner than seeing the grandkids serve tacos and cookies?
Actually, we went to a very fine restaurant that overlooks the Mississippi River and the Highway 34 bridge. It was a rainy night, and lightening flashed, highlighting a special evening on a special occasion. If the power went out, not to worry. Ninety percent of the customers, including us, had smartphone flashlights. Sign of the times: most people now have on their person a phone, flashlight, camera and constant nuisance.
Two years ago we had a tent set up in the back yard of our new house. Fifty some guests arrived, and the organist played “Going to the Chapel.” Ginnie walked across the lawn and our lives changed forever, for the better. No more loneliness, no more cold beds.
We recently watched the movie, “Our Souls at Night,” with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, about two senior neighbors who unite to stave off loneliness. I can totally relate.
In reviewing our wedding vows, I see that I stated, “If I’m willing to bend like the trees right here on the farm have bent in the wind, we will survive and thrive.” Every time I drive home and see how the wind has permanently bent the maple trees to conform to the forces of nature, I think about those vows. To bend and not break is the key. It has been good for me to bend, to put someone else first.
Ginnie has changed a lot too. For those of you who know her, you probably know that she is pretty much of a city girl. Life on the farm is completely foreign to her. But she is trying hard and making progress. The other day we came home in the late afternoon. We pulled up to the hen house to gather eggs. Not having a basket, I showed Ginnie how to carry eggs in her shirttail. Wouldn’t you know it, some strangers pulled into our driveway just then to ask about the new blue steel we had roofed our house with. Here Ginnie was talking to strangers with a shirttail full of eggs! Isn’t that just the picture of a farm gal? Note: I’ve seen aprons with pockets for eggs. I’ll have to get Ginnie one.
We love the new blue steel roof. It blends in with the sky. Following a hail storm, we had the asphalt shingles replaced with steel. The wind here on the farm can be ferocious. Every time I look up and see the blue roof blending in with the sky, I think, “This is heaven.”
To top off our anniversary dinner, we celebrated with Death by Chocolate, one serving, two spoons. Rest assured, on the way home I swung by the pharmacy and picked up my cholesterol medication. Quite the romantic outing.
It rained all the way home. We pulled up to the hen house to shut the chickens in for the night. They seemed nice and cozy, buzzing and burring over the intrusion.
We are surviving and thriving. Happiness is a byproduct of right living.

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