Letter to the Editor – Downtown business owner supports Randolph for Mayor


Dear citizens of Fort Madison,

I am happy that we have our current mayor and that he will continue to lead us, by running again in our upcoming election.

Mayor Randolph has always strived to make our community better, not only as mayor but as a citizen. He has served on many of the committees and special groups that bring us together as a community. While I was the former director of RSVP, the retired senior volunteer program, he was instrumental in bringing new volunteer opportunities to Fort Madison to include the Fort Madison Community Garden, Green Bike, and educational programs we provided to Fort Madison.

Mayor Randolph has spent countless hours as a reserve officer for our police dept, with no pay. This speaks volumes about this man’s character. He has financially donated heavily to our town and our local schools and churches. He is a proven successful businessman, keeping commercial properties in great condition and recently securing a new grocery store. He has a clear understanding of what is great for this community.

As a business owner myself in the downtown he has shown real support by patronage to all of our downtown stores and restaurants. I have never seen any of the other two. I am inclined to say it’s a cheap shot to unofficially run for an office when you have nothing to lose as a write-in candidate and the last thing our town needs is a tractor trailer parked on our streets, as if the street sweeper does not have enough trouble with the cars.

The Mayor has taken us through a transition from old to new employees of the city seamlessly and knows the right direction, I am asking you to do the same and vote for him in his re election bid and keep us moving forward.

Jimmy Wendorf, Simple Table/Taco,Taco,Takos!/Hesse 7th street Marketplace

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