Councilman Wright asks for your vote – Letter to the Editor


As your councilman and representative since 2011, I say thank you. Thank you for trusting in me and supporting me as your voice for 2nd ward. The trust and support shown me in successful election and re-election, has shown your confidence and shared vision for 2nd ward and the city as a whole. We have shared a common goal of being progressive and having a vision of enhanced quality of life and development throughout the ward and city during the last four years. Our council created a comprehensive plan for the city, to bring about the needed change in infrastructure and roads, quality of life enhancements, and other related projects that will move our city forward and remain a viable and sustainable community for future years to come. This plan has allowed our council and city personnel to implement and complete planned projects in a timely and effective manner, as to be able to provide the best quality of services and amenities to the public. We have seen this in 2nd ward and will continue to see the plan in action for the future. We as a council have heard your voice and have taken action to move the city forward and progress, bringing about positive change and growth in all areas of community.
In 2nd ward, much has been done and much is planned the next four years throughout the ward and city as a whole. Public Works has been able to asphalt overlay the following: Denmark Road, Denmark Hilltop, alley between Avenue C & D between 13th & 14th streets, Avenue B from 12th to 14th streets and the side streets of 12th, 13th, & 14th. The city has also redone 15th street from Avenue M to Avenue L, along with new intersections throughout 2nd ward. Reconstruction of the 1300 & 1400 blocks of Avenue F and 15th street hill were completed in 2017. New infrastructure has been placed and alleys have been graded or asphalt overlay has been done, with a regular and annual alley maintenance program implemented to improve and maintain the quality of alleys. Also for the first time ever, all streets have been crack-sealed.
Happenings in the city have been many as well. The city has been able to provide quality of life enhancers like the P.O.R.T. trail system, upgrades to city parks with new playground equipment, upgrades to rodeo park, new trails and restored trails throughout rodeo park, investment in the building of Baxter Sportsplex, and more has been able to offer citizens options for health and entertainment.
Economic development is important to job creation and stability of economy. For this reason, the city has invested in expansion of infrastructure to Silgan Containers and the west end, provided incentives for the Gregory Manufacturing expansion to increase production and hiring, and worked with economic development and other partners to bring about plans to relocate industry to Fort Madison. We have already seen this with the revitalization of 18th & Avenue H with the placement of Fareway grocery store as another option for citizens and jobs in the community.
I love history and the city has much history to offer its citizens and tourists from around the region and countries. The city has invested time and resources, along with monies into enhancing and improving our historical attractions. We have allocated monies to improve security at the Old Fort and also repair structures at the Old Fort. Marketing and tourism efforts have been increased and implemented at the direction of the marketing director. The marketing director has been working with regional and national tour companies, placing brochures in hotel brochure racks and travel magazines, partnering with other communities like Nauvoo and other Southeast Iowa communities to bring people from around the area to our attractions, and developing items for increased revenue into our community’s historical landmarks and attractions. As part of tourism and economic development, I am in favor of relocating the train depot to the newly renovated historical train depot along the riverfront. This relocation is needed, as the current location for Amtrak will no longer be viable and will serve the purpose of safe and convenient on/off of passengers and families.
In closing, I have heard you as your councilman since 2011 and will continue to work for projects to be completed in 2nd ward. If re-elected, my first priority is to improve Avenue F from 2nd to 22nd with emphasis placed on the 900 to 1500 blocks of Avenue F, as I feel these blocks are in most need of repair and replacement. Second, I will continue to approve and improve the infrastructure that is needed in 2nd ward and surrounding. Fire and police protection is always paramount, and will continue to be top of mind as well. The city has already been working with and helping form neighborhood watch groups to be of assistance to the police. Another part of enhancing the ability to thwart crime and other related activities is to continue the program of demolishing dilapidated structures and cleaning up nuisance properties throughout 2nd ward and the city. These are my priorities and goals for bringing about positive change and moving the city in a direction that enhances the lives of all its citizens.
Yard signs don’t win elections, RESULTS WIN ELECTIONS! I, along with the city council, have produced positive results for 2nd ward and the community. I ask you to re-elect me as your voice of positive change and continued progression to a future that is vibrant and sustained for the community as a whole. For more information and video, please visit for the candidate forum archived video under city council live broadcast in your web browser. You can also listen to my interview with Tri-States Public Radio at by clicking on the election 2017 button halfway down the page and click my photo. Again, thank you for allowing me the honor to serve as your voice and representative and I look forward to the honor and privilege to do so another four years.


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