Local resident votes yes for Mayor Randolph – Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:
The City of Fort Madison elections this fall are vitally important to the continued growth of our great city. Over the past few years, we have seen the formation of a very capable team of players whose sole interest is in making Fort Madison a better place to live and work. From our City Manager on down, we have a staff of public safety, public works, and management employees that are doing an amazing job of keeping Fort Madison moving forward. Our city government has provided the leadership for an impressive list of accomplishments, all while staying within a very demanding budget. None of this could have happened without the outstanding leadership of our Mayor, Brad Randolph. First as a councilman, then as Mayor, Brad has been a strong voice of reason and a dedicated public servant on our behalf. Many of the projects under way or recently completed would not have been possible without the leadership of Mayor Randolph and his team. Some of those projects include working with the PORT committee to provide safe recreational trails, the construction of the Baxter Sports Complex, the façade improvements and redevelopment of properties in the downtown Main Street district, the ongoing infrastructure improvement plan for Fort Madison and the upcoming rehabilitation of Highway 2 thru Fort Madison. None of these would have occurred without the involvement of our city government and the leadership of Brad Randolph. That is why it is vitally important that we retain the experienced leadership of our Mayor, Brad Randolph, in the city elections this November.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Brad Randolph as Mayor of Fort Madison!

Larry D. Smith
Fort Madison

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