AFSCME appeals 5th Circuit decision on collective bargaining

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DES MOINES – AFSCME Council 61 President Danny Homan issued the following statement regarding today’s filing of an appeal to Chief Judge Gamble’s ruling on October 30th:

“Today we filed an appeal to Iowa’s Fifth Judicial District Chief Judge Gamble’s ruling denying summary judgment in our collective bargaining lawsuit. From day one, we have recognized the likelihood that this case would end up in the Iowa Supreme Court, and today’s appeal takes us one step closer to that outcome.

“We have no timeline for knowing whether or not the Supreme Court of Iowa will hear our case, but we will never stop fighting for the rights of Iowa public employees. Republicans at the Capitol thought they could silence us by gutting the collective bargaining law, but they underestimated the power of working Iowans determined to reclaim their rights.”

On Oct 30, Gamble denied AFSCME’s motion for a summary judgement against H.F. 291 and Homan said the union would continue to pursue the lawsuit.

“Chief Judge Gamble agreed that ‘AFSCME proved disparate treatment of similarly situated individuals under H.F. 291. Some unionized public employees are granted privileges and immunities in the form of collective bargaining rights that are not equally granted to all unionized public employees.’ He did not feel that we fully disproved the excuses given by the State for this unequal treatment by lawmakers,” Homan said on the 30th.

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