Boddicker makes list of judicial candidates

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KEOKUK – Three local attorneys have been selected from a pool of seven candidates to interview for 8th District Court Judge Gary Noneman’s seat.

Of the three, one is current Lee County Attorney Clinton Boddicker, who won election in May defeating interim Lee County Attorney Ross Braden.


The other two attorneys are Jonathan Stensvaag, a public defender out of Burlington, and Steven Westercamp, a private practice attorney from Farmington.

The three made the cut after Monday open interviews took place at the South Lee County Courthouse. Other attorneys vying for the seat included Kimberly Auge; a public defender in Fort Madison;  Robert Reding, a Fort Madison attorney in private practice; Des Moines County Attorney Amy Beavers; and Lisa Schaefer, a private practice attorney in Burlington.

A nominating committee of Braden; 8th District Judge John Wright; Kendra Abfalter, a local attorney and public defender; and district residents Janet Fife-Lafrenz, Ron Welder, and John Dunlap. The three names were certified to District 8B Chief Judge Mary Ann Brown.

Final closed session interviews will take place on Dec. 8 and all five district judges will vote on the person to replace Noneman, who handles cases predominantly in south Lee County.

The judges in the district, which covers Des Moines, Henry, Lee, and Louisa counties, currently are Wright, Brown, Michael Schilling, Mark Kruse, and John Linn.

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