Southeast Iowa fishing report – Iowa DNR

The following is this week’s fishing report for southeast Iowa from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Environmental Discovery Park North Pond
Pick a nice warm day and go trout fishing; still plenty of trout left from the stocking late last month. Rainbow Trout – Good: Try power bait under a bobber or a small jig or spinner worked through the shallow water.

Lake Darling
Water temperature is in the low 40’s. The water is very clear, you can see the bottom in 6 feet of water. The docks have been removed for the winter.

Lake Geode
The lake is drained. Fun to go out and hike around looking at the lake bottom. Be careful, some of the mud is still very soft and deep. Use extreme caution and don’t try to walk across the lake bottom.

Lake of the Hills
2000 trout were stocked last month, still plenty of them left in the lake. Rainbow Trout – Good: Work the shallow water from shore; trout won’t be out very deep. Fish in 3 to 4 feet of water and some of the brush piles in 6 to 7 feet of water.

Wilson Lake
Still plenty of trout left from last month. Rainbow Trout – Good: Work the shallow brush piles and culvert piles.

For more information on the above lakes and rivers, contact the Lake Darling Fisheries Office at 319-694-2430.

Coralville Reservoir
The lake level as is 686.4′, which is fall pool. Black Crappie – Fair: Use bright jigs tipped with minnows over brush or along rock bluffs. White Crappie – Fair: Try bright jigs tipped with minnows over brush or along rock bluffs.

Lake Macbride
All sized motors may be operated at no-wake speed. Water temperatures this week were in the low 40’s. The fish cleaning station is shut down and docks have been removed. Walleye – Fair: Try jigging in 15- to 25-feet of water during the day, and fish windblown rocky banks towards evening. There are a lot of 13- to 15-inch fish with some larger ones mixed in. Black Crappie – Fair: Use jigs and minnows over deeper brush (15-20 feet) to catch 10- to 12-inch crappie.

Pleasant Creek Lake
The lake is still 10 feet low from the restoration project. The main ramp is still useable, but very shallow. Four wheel drive vehicles are strongly recommended. Water temperatures are in the low 40’s. The fish cleaning station is closed. Walleye – Fair: Try jigging on the dam and over the roadbeds. Most fish are 13- to 16-inches. Muskellunge – Fair: Some fish are still being caught on rubber baits.

Prairie Park Fishery
2000 trout were stocked here Nov. 17. You must have a fishing license and trout stamp to fish for or possess trout. Rainbow Trout – Good: Small spinners/jigs and worms work best.

Sand Lake
You must have a fishing license and trout stamp to fish for or possess trout. Rainbow Trout – Fair: Worms work best.

Terry Trueblood Lake
2000 trout were stocked here Nov. 17. You must have a fishing license and trout stamp to fish for or possess trout. Rainbow Trout – Fair: Small spinners/jigs and worms work best.

For more information, contact the Lake Macbride Fisheries Station at 319-624-3615.

Lake Miami
Water temperatures are dropping; few anglers have been out. Bluegill – Fair: Use small jigs tipped with live bait around brush piles.Try also drifting small jigs in the lower end of the lake. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Use rubber worms and crankbaits around the fishing jetties and brush piles. Target structure along the rip-rapped shorelines.

Lake Sugema
Few anglers have been out with the colder temperatures. Black Crappie – Slow: Try jigs tipped with live bait in the flooded timber or shallow areas with structure. Sorting is needed for larger fish. Walleye – Slow: Use nightcrawlers or a minnow fished under a bobber along areas with rip-rapped shorelines. Bluegill – Slow: Use a small jig tipped with live bait around structure along the shorelines. Sorting is needed for larger fish. Largemouth Bass – Slow: Try spinnerbaits along the shorelines and around the jetties. Use a rubber worm or jig n pig combo among the vegetated areas and around deep structure.

Lake Wapello
Few anglers have been out with the cooler temperatures. Largemouth Bass – Slow: Try spinnerbaits or jig n pig combos around the brush piles.Black Crappie – Slow: Use jigs tipped with live bait around submerged structure. Sorting may be needed for larger fish. Black Bullhead – Slow: Try nightcrawlers fished on the lake bottom in about 6 feet of water.

Ottumwa Park Pond South
Trout were stocked on Oct. 27th. Use small tube jigs, small twister tails, in-line spinners, casting spoons and live bait under a bobber.

Rathbun Reservoir
The current lake level is 903.40 msl. The water temperature is 43 degrees. Normal operating elevation is 904.0 msl. Lake Rathbun has zebra mussels, so make sure to properly drain, clean, and dry equipment before transporting to another water body. All docks and the fish cleaning stations have been removed for the year. The ramps at the Rathbun marina are closed for the season. White Crappie – Slow:Use jigs or jigs tipped with live bait along the rip-rapped shorelines. Channel Catfish – Slow: Use nightcrawlers or cut bait. Walleye – Slow: Troll crankbaits that mimic shad in areas with a variation in depths. Try also trolling nightcrawler rigs. Some fish will start to move shallow with the cooler temperatures.

Red Haw Lake
Water temperatures are dropping and fishing pressure has dropped with few anglers out. Bluegill – Slow: Use small jigs tipped with a chunk of nightcrawler around structure. Largemouth Bass – Slow: Try rubber worms or spinnerbaits in areas with rip rap or other types of structure. Try shallow areas as the water continues to cool down and slow down the presentation. Channel Catfish – Slow: Use nightcrawlers or chicken liver around the fishing jetties.

Surface water temperatures in the Rathbun district lakes are in the low 40’s. The district includes Mahaska, Lucas, Wayne, Monroe, Appanoose, Wapello, Davis and Van Buren counties.Contact the Rathbun Fish Hatchery at 641-647-2406 with questions about fishing in south central Iowa.

Mississippi River Pool 19
Tailwater stage is 3.38 feet at Lock and Dam 18. We have not received any fishing report information for this pool this week. White Crappie – No Report: Use jigs and minnows or minnows under a bobber in backwaters around brush piles. Sauger – No Report: Vertical jig with minnows or pull three-way rigs with minnows or stick baits.

Tailwater stages have been slowly falling this past week. Main channel water temperature is around 40-41degrees and water clarity has been fair. There has been some tailwater fishing for walleyes and saugers. If you have questions on fishing Pools 16-19, contact the Fairport Fish Hatchery at 563-263-5062.

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