Letter to the Editor – Bushong’s service better than chain stores


Dear Editor,

I would like share my recent experience with a local business in downtown Fort Madison. I
I was out Christmas shopping on my day off and stopped to have my wedding ring inspected and cleaned at the store where it came from. I do this twice a year, as required, to keep the warranty up to date. It was a little over ten years ago that my husband surprised me with my beautiful ring and proposed to me on Christmas Eve.
While the salesperson at the jewelry store was checking my ring, I was surprised to hear that I had a loose diamond in my band. The salesperson said they’d have to send it in to get it fixed and it would be out for about 20 days.
“Really?” I said, “Where do you have to send it to?”
They replied, “To our repair center in Florida.”
I explained that I really didn’t want to send my ring out at this time. (I’ve heard the awful stories about how these rings get sent out and don’t come back with their originals stones or they come back only to have more issues later.) They warned me that they couldn’t update my warranty until my ring was repaired and if the diamond did fall out before then it wouldn’t be covered by the warranty.
I took my chances and left that chainstore in the mall. When I got back into Fort Madison I stopped at Dana Bushong’s. My dad and my sister had good things to say about Skip so I thought I’d see what he could do about my ring. When I explained to them what the other store had said about my ring Skip just sort of shook his head as he held my ring and said he’d be right back. He came back in about 10 seconds and said it was fixed. I was so relieved! And then irritated by what the other store had said.
Skip took the time to show me my ring under the microscope and explained why my diamond was loose. He also showed me how it wasn’t going to fall out.
So if you’re reading this and if you or someone you know is considering a jewelry purchase, go see Skip and Michele and the honest people downtown at Dana Bushong Jewelers. You’ll thank me later.
Cheryl Yaley
Fort Madison, IA

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