West Point approves 28E police extension

West Point Mayor Paul Walker swears in new City Councilman Joseph Loving at Monday's final meeting of the year for the West Point City Council. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC.


WEST POINT – An extension to an agreement that provides shared police services with West Point and Donnellson was approved by the West Point City Council at their last regular meeting of 2017.

According to West Point Mayor Paul Walker, the agreement was extended through the end of June to allow both communities to get the agreement included in the upcoming budgeting season.

“We met with the Donnellson’s representatives in Donnellson a couple weeks ago and our public safety people from here were there. And we had a discussion on how this was working and so far everyone seemed happy. We tweaked a couple things that night and they approved it late last week. We need to approve it this week so it can go to the state,” Walker said.

“The reason why we went with another six months was so we can discuss the budget now and we can get it in the budget in July. That way we don’t have to amend the budget and things like that. We can set wages which affects their wages also,” Walker said.

West Point Police Chief Brad Roberts said the arrangement is working well for both communities.

“The council meeting last week was a good meeting and they’re moving forward with that. They are looking at maybe replacing one of their cars and that won’t affect our end of it, but I think they’re happy with the services we’re providing,” he said.

In an unrelated matter, the council approved a resolution setting a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreement with West Point Municipal Electric System. The agreement will provide a monthly payment of $5,171, which is based on the utilities’ net revenue of $1,551,411 for the previous calendar year ending Dec. 3, 2016.

City Administrator Gary Menke said the agreement was set up because a lot of the buildings being used are exempt from taxes and the city does provide services to the utility and this is a fair way to recoup some of those costs.

The resolution also calls for a yearly review of the calculation.

In other action,

– the council approved the sale of three parcels of land with unanimous votes on all three parcels. Those purchasing the property are Thad and Angie Boeding with two parcels totaling $1,383.05 and one parcel to Bernie and Ann Abolt for $1,776.80.

-Each city councilman and mayor were sworn in including newly elected councilman Joseph Loving who replaces Larry Buchholz. Roberts, Menke, and City Clerk Diane Smith were also all sworn in. Buchholz said he will miss serving the residents of West Point.

“I’m gonna miss it. I really am,” he said. “People like Gary back there, and Paul, and all the council make it real easy,” Buchholz said. “I want to thank everyone for all the support they gave.”

West Point City Councilman Larry Buchholz is handed a certificate of appreciation by West Point Mayor Paul Walker on Monday night at Buchholz’ last city council meeting. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC.

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