Boddicker to take judicial seat on Jan. 8

Clinton Boddicker was sworn in as Lee County Attorney by 8th District Judge John Wright back in May of this year. Boddicker has been appointed as an Associate Judge to Iowa's Judicial District 8B effective Jan. 8. The Lee County Supervisors will need to appoint someone to fill the office by Jan. 8. PCC File Photo.

CORRECTION: The following story is being to corrected to address two inaccuracies. First anyone, not just attorneys, can submit a petition for a special election. That petition will require 1,615 signatures according to Lee County Auditor Denise Fraise. Also the election would be a special election as a Fort Madison school bond referendum election would not be countywide. The Pen City Current regrets those errors and strives for accuracy in all it’s reporting.


KEOKUK – According to a press release from the Iowa Judicial Branch website, current Lee County Attorney Clinton Boddicker will take over as an Associate District Judge in Iowa’s Judicial District 8B on Jan. 8.

Boddicker was appointed to the seat on Friday by judges of the district to replace retiring District Judge Gary Noneman, whose caseload was primarily in south Lee County. Boddicker was one of three names that were forwarded to district judges out of a nominating committee on Monday of last week.


According to Lee County Auditor Denise Fraise, the Lee County Board of Supervisors will need to appoint someone to replace Boddicker, who’s been in office for close to six months. He beat current Assistant Lee County Attorney Ross Braden in an election in May. However, Fraise said that appointment can’t take place until Boddicker turns in his resignation to the county.

“He hasn’t done that yet,” she said this morning.

Braden was appointed county attorney by the supervisors following the retirement of Mike Short in February.

Fraise said an election would not be needed in this case and the appointment of the supervisors would hold up until the fall general election, unless a county resident petitions the board for an election. If that were the case, the county would have to schedule a special election.

Rick Larkin, chair of the board of supervisors, said the county will probably put out a notice of the pending appointment to get a list of names of attorneys who would be interested in the position, but added that would have to happen quickly as Boddicker becomes a judge in four weeks.

Braden said he was certainly interested in picking up where he left off.

“I’m absolutely interested in filling the vacancy as county attorney. I really enjoy what I’m doing. I’ve got the experience in the office and I would look forward to picking things back up if that’s what the board and the people of Lee County want,” he said.

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